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An ENT specialist is a healthcare professional specialized in treating diseases related to the ear, nose and throat. You must choose one of the best ENT hospitals in Chennai for treatment of ENT diseases.

What are the types of ENT diseases?

ENT diseases include disorders of the ear, nose and throat. Some of the common conditions are:

  • Diseases of the ear: Some of the common conditions related to the ear are:
    • Ear infections: Ear infection may be due to bacteria and fungus. It may be acute or chronic. It may occur in the external ear (known as otitis externa) or internal ear (known as otitis interna).
    • Hearing loss: Patients with hearing loss are unable to listen clearly. The hearing loss may be due to several factors such as blockage or damage to nerves.
    • Eardrum rupture: Eardrum is present inside the ear. Insertion of any object or loud noise may cause its rupture.
    • Meniere’s disease: This condition affects the inner ear. It is more common in patients between the age of 40 years and 60 years.
  • Diseases of the nose: Some of the common conditions related to the nose are:
    • Sinusitis: Sinusitis is inflammation of sinus. It may be acute, chronic or recurrent. Quality of life gets affected.
    • Nose bleed: It is medically known as epistaxis. The nose has several tiny blood vessels. These vessels rupture, resulting in a nose bleed.
    • Nasal obstruction: Nasal obstruction is the condition that results in blockage of the nose. Patients have trouble with nasal breathing.
    • Chronic runny nose: In this condition, patients have a continuous or intermittent discharge of nasal fluid. Causes of the runny nose include cold, allergy and nasal cyst.
  • Diseases of the throat: Some of the common diseases related to the throat are: 
    • Tonsillitis: Tonsils are the tissues present at the back of the throat, one on each side. Inflammation of tonsils results in tonsilitis.
    • Problem in swallowing: Patients have difficulty in passing the food through the throat into the stomach.
    • Vocal cord dysfunction: In this condition, the vocal cords close abnormally, leading to issues with passing air to the lungs.
    • Drooling: Drooling occurs when the mouth is unable to manage the saliva. It may either result in spilling from the mouth or may travel to the airway.

What are the basic symptoms of ENT diseases?

Symptoms of ENT diseases depend upon the type of the affected organ. Symptoms of ear diseases include ear pain, hearing problems, ear drainage and vertigo and ringing.

Symptoms of nose disorders include nasal bleeding, nasal congestion, problems in breathing and nasal drainage.

Symptoms of throat diseases include changes in the voice, pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing and breathing problems.

What causes ENT diseases?

Causes of ear diseases include ear infection, accumulation of wax, insertion of sharp objects and damage to nerve cells due to loud noises.

Causes of nose disorders include infection, allergic reaction, foreign body insertions and deviated nasal septum.

Causes of throat diseases are infections, allergy, tumor and gastrointestinal injury.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Never ignore the symptoms of ear, nose or throat diseases. You should consult a doctor if:

  • You have a fever and headache.
  • You have recurrent bleeding from the nose.
  • You have a sudden change in your voice.
  • You have difficulty in swallowing.
  • You have pain in your ears or throat.
  • You experience ringing of ears or hearing loss.
  • You have a persistent runny nose along with difficulty in breathing.

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How are ENT diseases treated?

Treatment depends upon the condition and the related symptoms. A doctor may prescribe medications or may recommend surgical intervention. In some cases, such as hearing loss, the doctor may also advise you to opt for hearing aid devices or cochlear implants. If the doctor recommends surgery, undergo surgery from the best ENT surgeon in Alwarpet.


Diseases of the ear, nose and throat affect the quality of life. They may also progress to cause complications. In case of any related symptoms, you should consult with one of the best ENT doctors in Chennai.

What should I ask an ENT doctor during the consultation?

Ask several questions regarding your condition to make an informed decision about the treatment. Also, ask about the duration of treatment, progression of disease and steps to prevent a recurrence.

What are the general tests that an ENT doctor performs?

The type of tests depends on the condition. Generally, tympanometry, audiometry, nasal endoscopy, biopsy and laryngoscopy are asked for.

What is obstructive sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder. Patients with this condition suffer from loud snoring, nighttime sweating, excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden awakenings due to choking or gasping.

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