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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Overview of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery involves the correction of abnormalities associated with the face and other parts of the body. Reputed reconstructive plastic surgery hospitals in Chennai conduct procedures to correct various abnormalities of congenital disabilities, trauma, aging, or diseases.

Knowing More about Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery helps repair the disfigurement of the face or body. Some of these procedures include -

  • Facial surgeries – Congenital disabilities include cleft lip, sinus surgery such as rhinoplasty.
  • Trauma or wound care – Burns, cuts, or skin grafts can cause disfigurement of the skin. Reconstructive Plastic surgery doctors in Alwarpet perform correction of these abnormalities.
  • Reconstruction or reduction of breasts – Breast reconstruction following breast removal in breast cancer patients or reduction of breasts in men and women are some of the Reconstructive Plastic surgery procedures.

Besides these, Reconstructive Plastic surgery doctors in Chennai perform procedures to correct disfigurement of feet and hands resulting from various issues.

Who Qualifies for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Individuals who face difficulties in routine activities because of disfigurement of their body parts because of any reason are ideal candidates for Reconstructive Plastic surgery:

  • Individuals who are having congenital disabilities, including deformities of hands, face, jaw, and lips
  • Individuals who have disfigurement because of aging, trauma, disease, and infection

If you think you are the right candidate, consult an experienced Reconstructive Plastic surgeon in Alwarpet to assess your condition.

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Why is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Conducted?

The primary aim of performing Reconstructive Plastic surgery is to repair deformities that interfere with the patients' daily lives. Some events can lead to permanent disfigurement of a particular part of the body. Similarly, congenital abnormalities such as cleft palate can have a lifelong effect on a person's appearance and self-esteem.

Reconstructive Plastic surgery attempts to correct deformities for the improvement of functions. Besides, one may consider plastic surgery in Chennai purely for cosmetic reasons to enhance the appearance.

Benefits of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery offers freedom from a lifelong struggle because of deformities and transforms your life for the better. Whether it is for a medical reason or a cosmetic purpose, reconstructive plastic surgery assures a significant improvement in the patient's day-to-day life.

The most notable benefit of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is the improvement of functionality. If you are struggling to undertake normal activities because of any deformity, reconstructive surgery can improve your ability to perform the activities. You can also gain better self-esteem as your appearance and functions will no longer be abnormal after a successful Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Alwarpet.

Risks of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Every surgery carries some common risks such as bleeding, nerve damage, infections, and problems with anesthesia. Following conditions may further increase the risks of reconstructive surgery:

  • Smoking addiction
  • Impairment of blood circulation at the surgical site
  • Lesser immunity
  • HIV infection
  • Nutritional deficiency

You should consult a reconstructive plastic surgeon in Chennai to understand the procedure's risks because these can vary according to individual health status.




Is reconstructive surgery similar to plastic surgery?

Surgical science divides plastic surgery into two branches of surgery. Reconstructive surgery corrects deformities to restore and improve functions. Cosmetic surgery aims at improving appearance and is not medically necessary. Reconstructive plastic surgery can also increase visual appeal even though the principal goal is to enhance functionalities.

What factors are essential for reconstruction surgery?

Reputed reconstructive plastic surgery doctors in Alwarpet assess the health status and severity of deformity before choosing a particular procedure. Besides, your medical history is also an essential factor to consider before going ahead with reconstruction surgery.

How long can a reconstruction surgery last?

This depends upon the type of surgery and the nature of the deformity. Reconstruction surgery can last up to several hours in case of a complex deformity.

What are the most common reconstructive surgeries?

Procedures for cleft lip repair, breast surgeries, hand, and foot reconstruction surgeries, burn care procedures, and wound care procedures are common reconstruction surgeries.


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