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Microdiscectomy Procedure in Alwarpet, Chennai

What is Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy is a surgical procedure in which the doctor or surgeon will remove one of your milk ducts. The incision of a breast or a mammary gland is called a microdiscectomy.

Breast Duct Excision or microdiscectomy is done to treat persistent nipple discharge. This procedure is conducted when there is nipple discharge from a single duct. The area in the breast that is responsible for the discharge will be removed. For further details, contact Microdiscectomy specialists near you.

Who Qualifies for a Microdiscectomy?

Anyone experiencing persistent nipple discharge might be recommended for microdiscectomy, as it is a part of the standard procedure. You might also be advised a microdiscectomy if you get breast abscesses. Contact Microdiscectomy doctors near you for further information.

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Why is a Microdiscectomy Performed?

A microdiscectomy is conducted to treat the constant nipple discharge. The nipple discharge may be bloody. It is also used to treat duct ectasia, i.e., the widening of milk ducts with age. It can also be seen as a treatment for breast abscesses or intraductal papilloma (wart-like growth in the milk ducts). It can also help in locating cancer cells, and hence the milk ducts are usually examined.

What to do Before a Microdiscectomy Procedure?

Inform your doctor about your medical history, what you are allergic to, what medications you are on, any chronic diseases, and information about older surgeries. Also, inform them about any electronic devices in your body, like a pacemaker, if they suggest an MRI. You might be asked to stop taking certain medication days or weeks before the procedure. Before the surgery, the doctor might recommend that you don't eat anything 6 to 12 hours before the surgery. You will need someone to drive you to the surgery and back home after the procedure.

About the Procedure

You will be given anesthesia before the procedure, which will numb the body part or put you to sleep. A probe will be inserted and placed into one of the ducts from the breast. It will then locate the starting position of the nipple discharge. The direction of this probe will help the surgeon to make an incision around the areola. After locating the duct, the duct along with surrounding tissue will be excised. Then the milk duct will be removed from the body and taken to a laboratory for testing and examination. After the duct is removed, the wound will be closed using stitches. Your wound will be cleaned, dressed, and bandaged properly.

What to do After the Procedure?

In a microdiscectomy, you will get stitches; you should keep them clean and appropriately bandaged. The stitches might leave a scar or change your breasts' shape and the appearance of your nipples. Your doctor will tell you how to take care of the wound properly. If you experience high fever, discharge from the site, or bleeding, contact your doctor as these might be signs of an infection.

What are the Benefits of Undergoing a Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy helps detect and identify the reason behind nipple discharge. It also helps in identifying other serious issues, like cancer.

The results of this procedure help the doctor in inferring the reason behind the nipple discharge. If the reason is cancerous cells, you can start treatment without delay.

What are the Risk Factors Involved in Microdiscectomy?

Some of the risk factors of the procedure include -

  • Bleeding: There's a slight chance of excessive bleeding during the procedure.
  • Pain: You might experience pain around the surgery site or the wound for some days after the procedure. Although, if it persists, you should get it checked.
  • Infection: You might develop an infection after the surgery
  • Breastfeeding: Since the milk ducts are surgically removed from your body, you won't be able to breastfeed.
  • Loss of nipple sensation: In rare cases, you might lose the sensation around your nipple. Hence, the nipple won't get erect.
  • Skin changes: The skin around your nipple or breasts might change in appearance.


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How long is a microdiscectomy procedure?

A microdiscectomy procedure lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.

Is microdiscectomy painful?

Since you are given anesthesia, the procedure is not painful, but you might experience pain after the surgery for 1 or 2 days.

How long does it take to recover after a microdiscectomy?

You will be able to continue normal day-to-day activities after 24 hours. It would help if you waited for a week before doing any strenuous activities.


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