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Regrow Therapy in Alwarpet, Chennai

Are you suffering from chronic joint issues? Do you frequently encounter severe pain in your hip joint or your knee joint? The possible reason could be degeneration of the cartilages present at the joint. The degeneration of the cartilages causes friction between the bone which may lead to wearing of the bones of the hip and the knee joint. Visit an orthopedic hospital near you to know about procedures best suited for you. One such procedure is regrow therapy.  

Overview of Regrow Therapy 

 Regrow Therapy is needed in case of avascular necrosis affecting the hip joints or in the case of cartilage damage due to excessive force applied, due to accidental injury, or aging. The affected area of the bone or the joint is removed and implanted or replaced with patients' cells that not only promote healing of the affected bone but also restrict further damage to the tissues. 

About Regrow Therapy  

  • Symptoms corresponding to Avascular Necrosis- Stiffness of the affected joint, pain and swelling, Infection at the affected joint, Deterioration of the joint, Immobility    
  • Symptoms corresponding to cartilage degeneration- Restricted movement of the joints, difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, Painful joints   

  The most common sites that need regrow therapy are the hip joint, the knee joint, the shoulder joint, the ankle joint, and the wrist joint.   

Types of Regrow Therapy 

  • Ossgrow: This regrow therapy is needed in case of avascular necrosis affecting the hip joints. In the case of AVN, the joints are devoid of vascular supply leading to bone degeneration. In this type of regrowing therapy, the affected area of the bone or the joint is removed and implanted or replaced with patients' cells. You can avail of this treatment at the best orthopedic hospitals in Chennai
  • Cartigrow: This regrows therapy works in the case of cartilage damage due to excessive applied force, accidental injury, or aging. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent disability in movement. Since cartilage is a kind of tissue that lacks an independent blood supply, it can't heal on its own. This is where cartilage regrowth therapy comes into play.  

Who Qualifies for Regrow Therapy?  

People suffering from chronic joint issues like Avascular Necrosis or degenerative cartilages between the bones and the joints. The most common sites that need regrow therapy are the hip joints, the knee joints, the shoulder joints, the wrist, and the ankle joints.

It is recommended for people showing symptoms like stiffness of the joint, pain and swelling, infection, deterioration of the joint, and immobility of the joints. The other symptoms also include restricted movement of the joints, difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, as a result of painful joints.  

Why is Regrow Therapy Conducted?    

Regrow therapy is needed by people suffering from avascular necrosis or any underlying conditions that cause degeneration of the cartilages. Some of the best orthopedic hospitals in Alwarpet, Chennai offer this option.  
Regrow therapy is the best treatment option for people suffering from bony diseases in which there is a progressive degeneration of the bone cells that further leads to pain, infection, swelling, and stiffness of the affected joint. Regrow therapy is also advisable for people with degenerative cartilages between the joints causing friction of the bones at the joints. The wearing away of the cartilage may either be due to trauma, accident, or the presence of any underlying degenerative bone disease.   

How Is the Regrow Procedure Conducted? 

The entire process of regrowing therapy works on three basic steps.   

  • Extraction of bone marrow: Any regrow therapy works on autologous cellular regeneration. Cells are extracted from the patient’s bone marrow to use at the site of injury.   
  • Regeneration of bone cells: After cellular extraction, they are regenerated and cultured in a controlled environment to make them suitable for further treatment.   
  • Implantation of cultured bone cells: The regenerated cultured autologous cells are then implanted at the desired sites to promote healing and restore mobility.     

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Benefits of Regrow Therapy 

 Listed below are some of the benefits of undergoing regrow therapy -

  • Treatment of patients' degenerative bony and cartilaginous degeneration with their body cells. 
  • Helps patients get back to their normal schedule by relieving their pain. 
  • A non-invasive approach to treat bony diseases thus eliminating the need for joint replacement surgeries in which the affected joint or a part of the joint is replaced with an implant which is a foreign material.  
  • It is an effective mode of treatment with a good prognosis. 

Risks and Complications associated with Regrow Therapy 

 Here are a few risks and complications associated with regrow therapy -

  • Continuous bleeding post the therapy. 
  • Accidental injury to the nerves and the blood vessels post the therapy. 
  • Failure of the complete regrow therapy. 
  • Infection 
  • Formation of scar tissue. 


Wear and tear of joints is an inevitable process and in some situations, discomfort comes along with it. However, you can prevent having to deal with complications through timely consultation with your doctor. Visit the best orthopedic hospital in Chennai and find out if you are eligible to undergo regrow therapy.   



Is Regrow therapy safe?

Yes, regrow therapy is safe. It is an FDA- and DCGI-approved treatment.

What are the conditions that are necessary for regrow therapy?

Either the death or degeneration of the bone cells and cartilage is required to perform regrow therapy.

What is the recovery rate after regrow therapy?

The recovery rate varies from patient to patient. Approximately it takes around 2–3 weeks to get back to normal activity.


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