Vascular surgeon in Chennai

Vascular disorders are the disorders associated with the vascular system or arteries and veins. Vascular surgery is a subspecialty of surgery which deals with the treatment of diseases relating veins, arteries, and lymphatic circulation. Vascular ailments are diagnosed, treated, and managed by vascular surgeons. They are surgeons who have specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders concerning arteries and veins.

At Apollo Spectra, our vascular surgeons use a number of medical therapies, minimally invasive procedures and surgical reconstruction procedures to treat numerous vascular disorders ranging from varicose veins to chronic conditions such as DVT and aneurysms.  Make an appointment with Apollo Spectra now and consult the best vascular surgeon in Chennai now!

What are some common vascular disorders?

Vascular diseases or disorders broadly comprise of any abnormalities that may affect the blood vessels i.e. arteries and veins. Blood vessels form a vast network in the body and their major function is to circulate blood across the body. If this network is disrupted due to any diseases or disorders, it can lead to a disability or even death. There are a wide number of vascular diseases which range from being minor to life-threatening. Give below is a list of the common vascular diseases-

  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)- Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious condition that occurs as a result of the formation of a blood clot deep into a vein. This condition may cause swelling, redness, or warmth of the affected area. It can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated on time.
  • Varicose veins- A condition in which gnarled, enlarged veins, start to appear in the legs and feet.
  • Peripheral Arterial disease- A condition in which blood vessels narrow down due to plaque deposition causing limited blood flow to the limbs.
  • Aneurysms- It is a condition characterized by the weakening of an artery wall which leads to the formation of a bulge of the artery. In most cases, aneurysms are not very dangerous. However, in severe cases, they may lead to internal bleeding which can be life-threatening.
  • Vascular Trauma- It refers to the damage caused to a blood vessel as a result of an accident or injury.
When do you need to see a vascular surgeon?

In case you experience the following symptoms, you must immediately see a vascular surgeon-

  • Blue or black discoloration of the toes or fingers
  • Pain in legs, thighs or buttocks which appears during walking
  • Cramps, fatigue or feeling of restlessness at night
  • A constant pain in hands or legs
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Seeing a web of blue blood vessels on your legs
  • Itchiness or eczema in legs
  • Experiencing mini-strokes
  • You have a history of problems of the blood vessels or aorta
What is at risk for vascular disease?

While anyone can develop vascular diseases, some people are at an increased risk. Some risk factors for vascular diseases include-

1. High blood pressure
2. Smoking
3.Being overweight
4.An unhealthy lifestyle
5. High cholesterol levels
6. Diabetes
7. Not indulging in enough physical activity
8. A family history of vascular diseases.

How are vascular diseases diagnosed?

At Apollo Spectra, our vascular surgeons have a comprehensive diagnostic process. They carry out the diagnosis of vascular diseases in a number of steps and create a treatment plan accordingly. The diagnostic process at Apollo Spectra is as follows-

Physical exam

The vascular surgeon will start the exam by performing a physical exam which may include checking for pulse under the armpit, wrist, fingers, and elbow. Checking fingertips for gangrene or wounds. Checking the veins for any abnormal masses.

On the basis of the physical exam, a surgeon may run a few diagnostic tests including-

  • Doppler or ultrasound- It is performed to check the flow of blood in blood vessels.
  • MRI angiography -It provides comprehensive visuals of the vessels of the affected area.
  • Artery pressure and pulse recordings- This test is performed to measure blood flow in arms, fingers.
  • Arteriography- A test in which a special dye is injected into the vessels. Following this, x-rays of the hand and arm are taken.  This is the most invasive test, but it can give out maximum information about the vessels.
  • Cold stress test- It is a test in which temperature and blood pressure in the fingers are measured before and after the hand is placed in cold water
Which vascular surgeries are performed at Apollo Spectra, Chennai?

At Apollo Spectra, we offer a number of surgical treatments for vascular disorders. Our vascular surgeons perform a full range of vascular procedures, including:

  • Open surgical repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
  • Open surgical reconstructions and balloon angioplasty in all vascular areas
  • Stenting in all vascular areas
  • Surgery  for Carotid Body Tumors and other vascular tumors
  • Surgery of thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Carotid artery
  • Open surgical treatment for peripheral artery aneurysms treatment
Why should you choose Apollo Spectra for vascular surgery?

At Apollo Spectra, vascular surgeons treat many blood vessel and lymphatic system conditions. Our surgeons have expertise and experience in diagnosing and treating a wide array of common, complicated and rare vascular disorders. Our surgeons keep up with the advancement in diagnostic and treatments method to ensure the best experience for the patients. Book an appointment with Apollo Spectra, Chennai now!