Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Also known as breast mammaplasty, it is a breast reduction procedure, which is conducted to remove extra fat, tissue, and even the skin from the breast. If you have excessively large breast, opting for a breast reduction surgery may ease the discomfort you suffer and will also help you make your breasts look proportionate. Sometimes, having large breasts can impact self-confidence and can affect your participation in any physical activity.

Why is the breast reduction surgery conducted?
Breast reduction surgery is conducted when women have extremely large breasts and want to rectify problems, such as;

  •  Back, neck or shoulder pain, which becomes chronic and where you need medications to keep the pain away.
  • You are suffering from chronic rash or skin irritation under the breasts.
  • Nerve pain
  • Activity becomes restricted
  • Self-esteem becomes low because of large breasts
  • You may have difficulty finding the right size of clothes or bras.

However, breast reduction is not recommended if you smoke, have health issues, such as diabetes or heart problems, are extremely obese, and if you want to avoid any scars on the breasts. You can go through this surgery at any age, i.e., in some cases, even when you are a teenager. However, you may require a second surgery, in the later stages of your life, if your breasts are not fully developed. Also, you may have to postpone the surgery, if your future plans include;

Childbirth – If you are planning on starting a family, if it isn’t a problem, you must wait for some time. Although, if you have the surgery, there are surgical procedures that can retain your breastfeeding abilities, therefore, there is no harm done.

Weight loss – If you are planning on losing weight and are starting a diet program or an exercise routine, then it is better to wait for a while until you are done losing the desired weight. This is because losing weight can affect the breast size.

How do you prepare for this surgery?

When you visit our plastic surgeon for a breast reduction surgery in Delhi, then he or she will;

  • Evaluate your medical history and try to see if everything is okay. They might even conduct a physical examination to check your overall health.
  • Your plastic surgeon will discuss your expectations and talk to you about the appearance after the surgery, the size of the breast, and answer all the questions you have. This is the time to clear all the doubts and also educate yourself about the procedure you are about to undergo.
  • The plastic surgeon will talk to you about all the detailed description of the procedure and also talk to you about the benefits and also the risks (if any) and tell you about the possible scars and the loss of any sensation.
  • They will then examine and measure the size of the breasts
  • Photographs will be taken for the medical records
  • The surgeon will then talk to you about the type of anesthesia that will be used during the surgery.
  • You may have to undergo certain medical tests if necessary
  • You may undergo a baseline mammogram
  • If you are smoking, it is important that you quit. If you are facing difficulties in quitting, then you can talk to the doctor. Also, if quitting permanently is not something you want to do right now, you must at least quit for a couple of months for better healing and to avoid any complications.
  • You must follow all the instructions that the surgeon has asked you to.
  • You may also have to stay in the hospital for one night and make sure you talk to someone to stay with you for a couple of days.
What happens during the surgery?

This surgery is generally conducted under anesthesia. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon may choose to conduct the procedure with invasive surgery and then even a liposuction to remove the extra fat in the breasts. First, the surgeon may make an incision around the areolas in each breast, the excess breast tissues, fat, and skin is removed, the breasts are reshaped, and the nipples and areolas are repositioned. The symmetry between the breasts is always achieved. After the procedure, the doctor will provide you with a list of instructions in order to take care of yourself, such as avoiding physical activities for 2-3 weeks, the type of bras you can wear, etc.

Why Apollo Spectra?

If you are contemplating getting a breast reduction surgery, you must consult a renowned plastic surgeon for breast reduction surgery in Delhi, who is available at Apollo Spectra. Our surgeons will help you understand how the surgery is performed and provide you with all the details. Our plastic surgeons are highly qualified and possess the necessary expertise to conduct even the most complicated surgery.