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Lumpectomy Surgery in Karol Bagh, Delhi 

A lumpectomy is a breast cancer surgery to remove a tumor and a normal margin of healthy breast tissue surrounding it. The procedure is also known as a partial mastectomy. Doctors consider lumpectomy to be breast-conserving surgery as it leaves the natural breast intact, in comparison to mastectomy that removes the whole breast. Generally, after lumpectomy surgery, radiation for the breast tissue is suggested as it helps in preventing breast cancer growth.

For lumpectomy, get in touch with lumpectomy surgeons in Karol Bagh.

What Is Lumpectomy?

Before lumpectomy, your lumpectomy surgery in Delhi will give you specific instructions to follow. The surgery generally takes an hour or two. The surgeon’s team might use a small metallic clip inside the breast to guide them to the exact area.

During the surgery, the doctor might also check the lymph nodes. It is a procedure known as sentinel node biopsy.

Who Qualifies for Lumpectomy?

You might be a candidate for lumpectomy if:

  • A tumor is relatively more minor in comparison to the breast size
  • You have completed radiation therapy
  • Cancer has only affected one breast
  • Your doctor is confident that you will have enough remaining tissue for reshaping the breast after removing the tumor.

But it might not be an option if you have multiple tumors in one breast. Your doctor might advise you against lumpectomy if you have inflammatory breast cancer or lupus.

Why is Lumpectomy Performed?

The primary aim of lumpectomy is to remove abnormal tissue and cancer-causing cells. It can also maintain the appearance of the breast. The procedure is helpful, and it can help in eliminating the risk of getting cancer cells back.

Most lumpectomy surgeons use curved incisions following the natural curve of the breast. If they can be felt or seen, the surgeon will take them out along with a rim of healthy tissue around them.

At times, a rubber tube known as a drain is inserted surgically in the breast area or armpit for collecting the excessive fluid accumulating in the space where the tumor had been. Finally, the surgeon will stitch the incision to close the wound.

So, if you detect a small lump in your breast,

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What Are the Benefits of Lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy helps remove cancerous growth and other tissue abnormalities in the breast that are noncancerous or precancerous. The primary advantage of lumpectomy is that it can preserve much of the sensation and appearance of the breast. The procedure is less invasive. Thus, the recovery time is much shorter.

What Are the Risks?

Every surgery comes with its own risks. However, lumpectomy is a standard procedure that provides a high level of effectiveness and safety. The process is less invasive than mastectomy.
But the best lumpectomy doctor in Karol Bagh will tell you that there are some risks associated with the procedure. These are:

  • Tenderness
  • Severe pain
  • Bleeding
  • Changes in shape and appearance
  • Numbness in the breast after the procedure
  • Exposure to radiation therapy
  • Formation of hard tissue or scar at the site of the lumpectomy

In case the best lumpectomy doctor in Delhi performs the procedure under general anesthesia, some patients might have to go through the following complications:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • A feeling of shivering and cold

You should call your doctor right away if you notice swelling in the hand or arm, redness, buildup of fluid under the skin or any other symptoms after lumpectomy.




What Is the Average Recovery Time for Lumpectomy?

The healing time after the surgery ranges from a few days to a week. After lumpectomy, you will feel well enough to return to work after just 2-3 days. Thus, you resume regular physical activities, such as going to the gym or swimming after a week.

Is Lumpectomy Painful?

The surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia. Thus, you will not feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure. The surgeon cuts the area of the abnormal tissue or the tumor.

Will I have a Drain After Lumpectomy?

You will not need a drainage tube when you undergo a surgical lumpectomy. The location of the drains depends on the surgery you have.

Can I Shower After a Lumpectomy?

You can shower 24-48 hours after the surgery, if your doctor allows it. But make sure that you pat the incision dry.


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