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Snoring Treatment in Karol Bagh, Delhi

Snoring is a common medical condition that is not usually severe. It occurs due to issues in breathing while sleeping that may be due to different reasons. Snoring is not only disruptive to sleep but may possess different side effects on the body. Thus, light or serious episodes of snoring should never be ignored. Hospitals in New Delhi offer the best treatment for any issues with your sleeping patterns.

Types of Snoring

The different types of snoring include:

  • Nose-based snoring: It is another common snoring that is due to blocked nostrils.
  • Mouth-based snoring: It occurs when someone breathes through the mouth.
  • Tongue-based snoring: In this condition, a relaxed tongue while sleeping may block the airway.
  • Throat-based snoring: It is the loudest type of snoring. It is further an indicator of sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Snoring

The common symptoms indicating snoring include:

  • Loud noises while sleeping that further disrupts the sleep of the partner.
  • Witnessed breathing pauses while sleeping.
  • Difficulty in concentrating, poor attention, and behavioral issues.
  • High blood pressure and chest pain during the night.
  • Sore throat at the time of waking up.
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness and morning headaches.

Causes of Snoring

The common causes of snoring include:

  • Sleep deprivation may cause excessive relaxation of the muscles at the back of the throat that causes snoring.
  • Difficult sleeping positions like sleeping on the back have severe gravity effects on the natural flow of air in the body.
  • Nasal issues like nasal congestion or deviated nasal septum may start frequent episodes of snoring.
  • Consuming too much alcohol before sleeping can cause snoring.
  • Mouth anatomy issues like excessive tissues at the back of the throat, thick, soft palate, etc., promote snoring.

When to see a doctor?

It is highly recommended to go to a registered medical practitioner if you face repeated snoring issues or symptoms related to serious snoring. Doctors in New Delhi can help you with the best medication and effective treatment of different snoring conditions.

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Risk factors of Snoring

The main risk factors of snoring include:

  • Men are more likely to develop snoring than women of the same age.
  • Overweight persons are at high risk of snoring than persons with controlled weight.
  • Persons who habitually consume alcohol relax their throat muscles.
  • Structural defects in the airway may put you at the risk of developing snoring issues.
  • Family history of snoring.
  • Persons having large adenoids or tonsils, long soft palates, etc., may develop narrow airways.

Possible Complications in Snoring

Doctors in New Delhi help you to stay protected from possible complications like:

  • Sleep-deprived partners due to loud snoring.
  • Serious medical issues due to sleep deprivation like heart conditions, blood pressure conditions, etc.
  • Difficulty in concentration or frustrated and irritated behavior.
  • Increased risk of accidents due to lack of sleep.
  •  Daytime sleepiness.

Prevention of Snoring

There are no effective ways to prevent sleep snoring except for a healthy diet, healthy sleeping patterns, and a stress-free lifestyle.

Remedies/Treatment for Snoring

Many doctors prescribe general medication for treating snoring. However, certain special cases of snoring may require changes in daily lifestyle habits and sleeping patterns. In some other cases, minor surgeries might be required to enable proper breathing. Doctors in New Delhi will offer you the best treatment options available.

Wrapping Up

Snoring is a common problem faced by many persons at some point in their life. Many cases of snoring are not serious and hence may not require long medication. You should not ignore repeated snoring as it may hint at severe issues in your body. The best medical treatment, including medication and light improvement surgeries, may help you get relief from snoring permanently.




Do I need to go for surgery for snoring?

Not all cases of snoring require surgery.

How soon can I get treated for snoring?

You may require a couple of days to effectively eliminate snoring, depending on your condition of the disease.

What to do if snoring starts unexpectedly?

You must consult a registered medical practitioner whenever you start developing snoring unexpectedly. Unexpected episodes of snoring may be treated at a time to prevent the worsening of the disease.


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