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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Treatment & Diagnostics in Karol Bagh, Delhi

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Overview of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries focus on enhancing appearances through the usage of surgical equipment and methodologies. These optional surgeries are performed on body parts that function properly but lack aesthetic appeal. Surgeons perform cosmetic surgeries on the head, neck, and body to enhance proportions, symmetry, and aesthetics.

Plastic surgery is the branch of medical surgery that focuses on the reconstruction of facial and bodily defects caused by trauma, burns, diseases, or birth disorders. Plastic surgeries are aimed at correcting dysfunctional parts of the body. They enable the reconstruction of dysfunctional parts, offering a natural appearance and restoring the proper functioning of those parts.

About Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries are restorative surgeries that aim to correct facial and bodily abnormalities and improve the bodily function of an area. Reconstructive plastic surgery may also be performed to create an aesthetically normal appearance and eliminate abnormalities. Deformities caused by injuries, infections, birth defects, diseases, or tumors are corrected in restorative plastic surgeries.

Who qualifies for reconstructive plastic surgery?

Two types of people qualify for reconstructive plastic surgeries. They are:

  • People who wish to restore their birth defect. This includes those born with -
    • Cleft lips and require palate reconstructive plastic surgery
    • Craniofacial abnormalities require craniosynostosis surgery for reshaping their head
    • Hand deformities
  • People that suffer from bodily deformities. This includes those that have:
    • Incurred deformities due to trauma or accidents
    • Deformities caused by an infection
    • Deformities caused by diseases
    • Developed deformities caused by aging
    • Had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy
  • People that wish to change their appearance. This includes those that wish to:
    • Reconstruct their facial structure
    • Change the structure of their nose
    • Change their jawline
    • Undergo breast reduction
    • Undergo body contouring (Panniculectomy)
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery as a form of regenerative medicine for:
    • Burn victims
    • Nerve regeneration
    • Wound treatment
    • Scar care
    • Bone regeneration
    • Fat grafting
    • Transplantation

If you suffer from any of the disorders mentioned above, you may require reconstructive plastic surgery. Seek medical consultation from our team of expert surgeons at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.

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Why is reconstructive plastic surgery performed?

The purpose of performing reconstructive plastic surgery depends on the individual, their conditions, disorders, expectations, and other factors. The primary reasons for performing reconstructive surgery is to repair or restore:

  • The abnormalities formed at birth or caused by congenital factors
  • Disorders caused by trauma, injury, accidents, tumor, infection, etc.
  • Areas of the head, face, limbs, legs, or other organs
  • The appearance of an individual (facial reconstruction)
  • Tissue when facing amputation
  • Appearance in gender confirmation surgeries

What are the benefits of reconstructive plastic surgery?

The benefits of reconstructive plastic surgery depend on the purpose, location, disorder, and other individual factors. Some benefits are:

  • Restoration of abnormalities developed at childbirth or developmental anomalies
  • Reconstruction of damaged body parts
  • Repair areas affected by cancer, tumor, infection, burns, scars, etc.
  • Regenerative care for severe, chronic, and acute diseases
  • Reconstruction of areas for enhancing aesthetics

Reconstructive plastic surgery could be highly beneficial for you when performed under the guidance of experienced surgeons. Consult our expert panel of experienced surgeons in New Delhi.

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What are the risks/complications associated with reconstructive plastic surgery?

Some of the risks involved in reconstructive plastic surgery are:

  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Issues associated with anesthesia
  • Problems with wound healing
  • Scarring

These complications may aggravate if the patient:

  • Smokes
  • Suffers from HIV or has impaired immunity
  • Has connective tissue damage
  • Has poor lifestyle
  • Has poor nutrition
  • Has diabetes
  • Has hypertension

These risks are subjective to individuals and many other factors that differ from person to person.


The risks outweigh the benefits for most of the people that require these surgeries as reconstructive medical procedures. Due to advancements in the technology involved in surgery and adaptation of MIS (minimally invasive surgeries), reconstructive plastic surgeries play a significant role in treating, healing, and the regenerative care of multiple disorders.

People can benefit from the enhanced aesthetic appeal offered by this surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery enables the functioning and restoration of many parts of the human body. Our team of expert doctors and plastic surgeons will suggest the best treatment options for you.

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What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is an optional surgery that aims to change the appearance of a person/organ to improve aesthetic appeal. Reconstructive plastic surgery is a restorative procedure that enables healing, functioning, repair, and outer appearance.

What is the recovery period for reconstructive plastic surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery, the recovery period could range from 1-2 weeks to 3-4 months. Consult with your surgeon to find your approximate recovery period.

How long is the duration of reconstructive plastic surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery, it can last from between 1 to 6 hours.

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