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Osteoarthritis Treatment & Diagnostics in Karol Bagh, Delhi


Osteoarthritis is a common chronic joint condition. The place where two bones come together is called a joint. Cartilage covers the end of the bones, and it is the protective tissue. With osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and makes the bones in the joint to rub against each other. It can cause stiffness, pain and various other symptoms.

Osteoarthritis generally occurs in older people. But it can also occur in adults of all ages. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that is also known as wear-and-tear arthritis and degenerative arthritis.

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, contact an orthopedic hospital in Delhi as soon as possible.

What are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can occur in any of the joints. Nevertheless, the most commonly affected parts of the body are:

  • Knees
  • Hands
  • Fingertips
  • Spine
  • Hips

Osteoarthritis leads to stiffness and pain in the joint. In the early stages, you might not experience any symptoms. Symptoms might occur in one or more joints. Moreover, they appear gradually.

As the symptoms develop, they can include:

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness and pain that worsen after not moving your joint for some time
  • Tenderness and warmth in the joints
  • Difficulty moving the affected joint
  • A crackling or grating sound in the joint called crepitus
  • A loss of muscle bulk

As osteoarthritis progress, you will notice symptoms such as:

  • Loss and damage of cartilage
  • Synovitis or mild inflammation of the tissue surrounding the joints
  • Bony growth forming around the joint edges

What are the Causes of Osteoarthritis?

The exact cause of osteoarthritis is unknown. However, it seems to develop when your body is unable to repair joint tissue. Generally, it affects older adults. However, it can occur at any age.

  • Genetic Factors: A few genetic factors can increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis. If these features are present, the condition might occur in people as young as 20.
  • Overuse and Trauma: A surgery, overuse of a joint or traumatic injury can undermine the ability of the body to carry out standard repairs. This, in turn, can trigger osteoarthritis, making you experience different symptoms. It might take many years for osteoarthritis to show up after an injury. The reasons behind repeated injury or overuse include sports and jobs that involve repetitive movement.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor?

In case you are experiencing any stiffness or joint pain that does not go away, make an appointment with a doctor.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

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What is the Treatment for Osteoarthritis?

Orthopedic doctors in Karol Bagh focus on symptom management. The treatment that helps you the most will primarily be determined by the intensity of the symptoms and the location of the pain.

Often over-the-counter medicines, lifestyle changes and home remedies are enough to offer you relief from stiffness, pain and swelling.

Lifestyle changes and at-home treatments for osteoarthritis that an orthopedic doctor can suggest include:

  • Exercise: Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of exercise. Go for low-impact and gentle activities, such as swimming or walking.
  • Weight Loss: Being overweight might put a strain on the joints and lead to pain. So, shedding extra pounds will help in relieving pressure and reducing pain.
  • Adequate Sleep: Resting the muscles can reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Cold and Heat Therapy: Experiment with this therapy for relieving stiffness and pain. Apply a hot or cold compressor to your sore joints for 15-20 minutes at least 2-3 times a day.

However, before you do all these, make sure that you talk to the best orthopedic specialist in Karol Bagh.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Call 1860 500 2244 to book an appointment.


Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that does not have a cure; but with the right treatment, the outcome can be positive. Do not ignore the symptoms of chronic stiffness and joint pain. The sooner you talk to your orthopedic specialist in Delhi, the faster you get diagnosed and treated.

Can You Live a Long Life with Osteoarthritis?

Yes, you can live a long life with osteoarthritis. You just have to get relief from pain.

What Can Make Osteoarthritis Worse?

Being obese or overweight makes the condition worse as it puts extra pressure on the joints.

Does Walking Worsen Osteoarthritis?

You might worry that walking is going to put additional pressure on the joints and make it worse. However, it has the opposite effect. Walking will ensure more nutrients and blood flow to the knee joints.

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