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Health Checkup Packages in Karol Bagh, Delhi

Overview of Health Checkup
A health check-up is a very important aspect of maintaining sound physical and mental health. Each person should get a regular health check-up from a health care professional at least once a year. That is why it is also known as an annual check-up. In order to have a health check-up, you must visit a doctor at a hospital or at a private clinic.

About Health Checkup
A health check-up is a type of inquiry or research or test that a medical professional performs on a person. During a general health check, your doctor may talk about your medical history, living habits, medications, and other relevant details. The doctor may also perform a physical diagnosis on you. 
A health check-up can also be specific relating to a particular ailment or body region. The need for such a test may arise if you are suffering from a medical anomaly of any kind. This is different from a general health check-up and is more detailed. 

Risk Factors Related to Health Check-Up?

Below are the various risk factors associated with health check-up -

  • Possibility of chemical hazards during tests
  • Treatment based on improper diagnoses
  • Side effects of medications
  • Inability to detect some serious diseases like hidden cancers

Preparing for a Health Check-Up

At most hospitals and medical institutions, health care professionals prepare you for a health check-up in the following ways:

  • Special diet
    Certain health checkups may require you to go on a special diet a few hours or days prior to the check-up. The aim of this special diet is to prepare your body for a check-up. For example, in the case of a diabetes test, your doctor may require you to maintain a certain percentage of sugar in meals.
  • Fasting
    Some health checkups must take place on an empty stomach. As such, your doctor may ask you to keep off any meals and go on a fast for a few hours before the check-up. Similarly, some checkups may require you to give up drinking or smoking before a check-up.
  • Medical Records
    It is wise to carry one’s medical records for a health check-up session. Your doctor or healthcare professional will have a much better idea of your case after studying these records. This way, the doctor will be able to perform health check-ups in a much more accurate fashion.

What to Expect From a Health Check-Up?

You can expect the following events from a health checkup:

  • A general body physical examination
  • Throat checkup
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Auscultation or listening to internal body sounds with a stethoscope
  • Urine sample analysis
  • Analysis of Lipid profile
  • Analysis of lumbar puncture

Possible Results of a Health Check-Up?

Below are the various possible results of a health check-up:

  • Early diagnosis of a problem or disease
  • Diagnosis of a disease or medical anomaly
  • Reduction in risk of complication
  • Enhancement of health
  • Identification of risk factors that can lead to a disease in the future
  • Detection of conditions that threaten life or health

When to See a Doctor?

General health check-ups are a necessity for everyone. It should be performed on an annual basis by a healthcare professional. The need for a specialized health check-up arises whenever a person experiences an ailment, illness, disorder, or harmful symptoms. You can easily have a health check-up at Apollo Hospitals.

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A health check-up is something that everyone must go through from time to time. It will not be a wise decision to ignore it. In case a health problem arises, our advice to you would be to get an immediate health check-up conducted.





Will there be pain in a health check-up?

Health checkups do not necessarily involve pain, in fact, most tests in a check-up do not cause any pain. Sometimes injections may be used in a check-up which may cause slight pain.

Should one get an appointment before a health check-up?

Mostly, this depends upon the policy of the hospital or clinic. Some hospitals or clinics may allow health check-ups immediately while others may be strict on booking appointments. As such, you must perform research on the appointment policy of the concerned hospital or clinic before going there.

Are the results of a health check-up given immediately?

This depends on the type of medical unit that performs the check-up or prepares its result. For some checkups, the results are attained immediately. Others may require you to wait for a few hours or even up to a few days.


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