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Hand Joint Replacement Surgery

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Hand Joint Replacement Surgery in Karol Bagh, Delhi

Hand joint replacement surgery is a special procedure for replacing the injured joints with artificial joints. Every year, thousands of successful joint replacement surgeries are performed in the country. Surgery is considered the last option when the medication fails to provide the desired results. In some cases, the condition worsens. If you feel any pain in the hand, you must visit an orthopaedic doctor near you.

What is hand joint replacement surgery?

During hand joint replacement surgery, the affected joints are replaced with silicon and rubber joints or with joints made from the patient's tendons. Abnormal tissue structures near bones, cartilage and synovium are repaired with new artificial implants.

The surgery involves removing damaged tissues while soft tissues are preserved. The implants used for replacement are made up of different materials; some are flexible, some are rigid.

Who qualifies for hand joint replacement surgery?

Hand joint replacement surgery is recommended for a patient who has severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the hand. The pain increases with time and worsens. Patients might face difficulty in doing day-to-day work like pushing, pulling, tying shoes, opening containers, cleaning, cooking, etc.

Physical indications for the surgery are:

  • Swelling in hands, near the thumbs, wrists
  • Bumps and nodes at the joints
  • Pain near the nails
  • Difficulty in gripping and holding objects

Before the surgery, it is important to prepare yourself. You must ask questions about the procedure. A doctor will conduct a general check-up before the surgery. Avoid taking blood-thinning medicines before the surgery.

Why is the surgery conducted?

The surgery is conducted for patients with injured joints. The normal joints are smooth and made of articular cartilage. They allow bones to glide over one another. Synovial fluid is present at the joints which act as the grease. In certain conditions, these articular cartilages get damaged and affect the functioning of the joints. The joints become stiff. This can be the main reason behind severe arthritis.
There are other causes of arthritis as well such as ligament tear, genes, fracture, etc.

Hand joint replacement surgery is usually recommended for older people with arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

What are the types of hand joint replacement surgery?

  • DIP joints - These include small bones that are quite difficult to operate on. The bones are not capable of handling the implants. A doctor will suggest fusion surgery for such a condition.
  • PIP joints - The artificial joints are made up of silicon and are flexible. These joints are inserted at the shaft of the bone. Hand joint replacement surgery for PIP joints are suitable for the ring and small fingers.

What are the benefits?

Hand joint replacement surgery is a good option for elderly people and patients who have severe arthritis. Here are a few advantages of the surgery:

  • Improved functioning of hands
  • Pain relief
  • Fewer chances of infection 
  • Improved movement of hands
  • Better looking hands
  • Reduced swelling and bumps
  • Improved alignment of joints
  • Decreased redness in hands

What are the risks?

  • Infection in the operated region
  • Damage to the nerves around the affected area
  • Numbness is hands
  • Issues with artificial joints
  • Water from the stitches
  • Redness, swelling and pain
  • Blood from the stitches
  • Blood clots around the wounds

When do you need to see a doctor?

If you detect any swelling or discomfort around the joints on your hand and other symptoms like fever, nausea, etc, consult an orthopedic doctor in Delhi to avoid further complications.

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Hand joint replacement surgery is an ideal option for treating arthritis. It is a safe procedure and ensures positive outcomes.

When should I visit a physiotherapist?

To get the best results after the surgery, you should visit a physiotherapist after a few days.

How successful is hand surgery for arthritis?

The success rate of hand joint replacement surgery is 96% and ensures a long-lasting effect for more than 15 years.

How long does the surgery take?

The complete surgery takes 20 minutes to two hours.


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