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Best Adenoidectomy Treatment & Diagnostics in Karol Bagh, Delhi

In the human body, the adenoid gland is an integral part of the immune system that protects the body from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Adenoidectomy surgeons in Karol Bagh perform surgery to prevent the adenoid from causing recurrent earaches, chronic infections or breathing difficulties.

What are adenoids and adenoidectomy?

Adenoid is a small lump of soft tissue. This tissue is attached behind the nose on the joint of the throat and nose. It is a small tissue and plays an essential role in keeping young children safe from different germs and viruses. Adenoids start to decrease approximately from 5 to 7 years of age in children and become much smaller by the teenage years and into adulthood.

Adenoidectomy is a surgical process in which the adenoid is extracted through the mouth. It is a safe surgery. Children don't feel the pain as this surgery is performed under anesthesia.

How does a surgeon perform an adenoidectomy?

An adenoidectomy surgeon in Karol Bagh performs this surgery in a short period. During surgery, the surgeon placed general anesthesia to keep the patient calm and asleep in the operation room.

In the adenoidectomy surgery, the doctor administers general anesthesia on the child and widely opens the child's mouth with a retractor. After that, the surgeon removes the adenoid easily. The surgeon optionally uses an electrical device to stop the bleeding. Within a few minutes, surgeons shift the child to the recovery room until the child wakes up from the general anesthesia.

Who qualifies for an adenoidectomy?

One to seven years old children face the problem of adenoids and need adenoidectomy. The main reason for surgery is frequent ear infections in children. Very few adults require an adenoidectomy process because it becomes much smaller as we grow older.

Why is an adenoidectomy conducted?

Adenoidectomy surgeons in Karol Bagh perform surgery to solve children’s adenoids diseases that are caused by infection. Here are some symptoms that indicate that a child needs an adenoidectomy -

  • Ear blockage
  • Sore throat
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Snoring
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Feeling swelling in neck glands
  • Bad breathing
  • Sleep apnoea

What are the benefits of an adenoidectomy?

There are multiple benefits of conducting an adenoidectomy for those who suffer from adenoid diseases. Some benefits of an adenoidectomy are as follows –

  • Restful sleep
  • Preventing recurrent ear infections
  • Developed learning ability

What are the risks and complications associated with an adenoidectomy?

Adenoidectomy is a harmless process, but it may affect voice quality. Doctors and parents should take note of the risks. These risks are as follows –

  • Extreme bleeding
  • Infection
  • Unsolved breathing problem and nasal drainage
  • Unpredictable changes in voice quality
  • The risk associated with general anesthesia

In an adenoidectomy hospital in Karol Bagh, doctors explain the risks associated with surgery. Parents must contact the doctor after discharge.

When to visit the doctor for an adenoidectomy?

It depends on the child's condition. If the condition of the child is not stable, then it is necessary to visit the doctor. Parents should question their doctor about the treatment or surgery. An adenoidectomy hospital in Karol Bagh takes care of the child before and after surgery.

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Children suffering from adenoid issues might feel more comfortable after an adenoidectomy. Parents should keep tracking their child's condition before and after surgery. Adenoid conditions generally affect children between the ages of 5 and 7 and are very rare in adults. So, if adenoid issues appear in adulthood, you must consult a specialist at the earliest. An adenoidectomy specialist in Karol Bagh will help you decide on the best course of treatment.





Do adults need adenoid removal?

Usually, adults avoid an adenoidectomy surgery, but in some cases, adults are required to get it. Some reasons why adults need an adenoidectomy include –

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • When specialists doubt a tumor
  • When an adult feel ear hurt
  • Restlessness
  • Tonsil problem
  • Bad breathing
  • Snoring

Can adenoid go with the increasing age?

The function of the adenoid is to stop viruses and germs from entering the body through the nose and mouth. Adenoid begins to decrease in size after the age of 5 and becomes very small once a child reaches teenage.

Can adenoid grow again after surgery?

Yes, in some cases, the adenoid grows back after an adenoidectomy. The main reason for this is that the surgeon did not perform the surgery well, and some tissues were left inside during surgery.

Does adenoid removal affect speech?

It may cause a short-term resonance problem, which can be resolved within a few weeks. In rare cases, adenoid removal can cause long-term speech problems. Such cases need more care and long-term treatment from a speech pathologist.


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