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Speciality Clinics in Karol Bagh, Delhi


Specialty clinics are clinics in a medical institution or hospital or elsewhere that specialize in one particular medical area. You should visit a specialty clinic if you require specialized treatment for a particular disease or disorder.

About Speciality Clinics

A specialty clinic may be located within a hospital or it may be an independent establishment. Here, you will be able to receive healthcare relating to a particular part of the body. The health care professionals of a specialty clinic are trained in dealing with a particular range of diseases or disorders. So, don’t expect any medical service from a specialty clinic that does not fall within its purview.
There can be various types of specialty clinics. The most popular types are- Gynaecology clinic, Dermatology clinic, Neurology clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Cardiology clinic, and ENT clinic.

What to expect from Specialty Clinics?

Healthcare professionals at specialty clinics will first of all properly diagnose you. Afterward, they may suggest some medications and preventive measures to deal with your problem. Point-of-care testing may be performed for you. In case the problem turns out to be severe, they may recommend various types of tests.

Risk factors associated with Specialty Clinics

The question of visiting a specialty clinic depends on the risk factor. Below are the various risk factors that require one to visit a particular type of specialty clinic.
Risk factors for Gynaecology clinic

  • Abnormal amount of vaginal bleeding
  • Experiencing burning sensation at the time of urinating
  • Experiencing the need to urinate frequently
  • Suffering from pelvis pain
  • Symptoms for Dermatology clinic
  • Experiencing a restriction in
  • Peeling skin
  • Acne
  • Painful or itchy scratches
  • Raised bumps on the skin
  • Redness in skin
  • Open lesions or sores
  • Skin that is rough or scaly

Risk factors for Neurology clinic

  • Complete or partial paralysis
  • Experiences seizures frequently or regularly
  • Experiencing a drop in the amount of alertness
  • Finding it difficult to write or read
  • Complete or partial sensation loss
  • Pain that cannot be explained

Risk factors for Orthopedic clinic

  • Experiencing a restriction in motion or movements
  • Muscle pain for an extended period
  • Joint pain for an extended period
  • Facing stiffness in joints
  • Persistent muscle pain
  • Numbness in body parts

Preparing for Specialty Clinics

At a specialty clinic, health care professionals prepare you in the following ways:

  • Special diet
    Certain specialty clinics require you to go on a special diet depending on the type of ailment you are suffering from.
  • Fasting
    Some specialty clinics require you to keep off any meals and go on fast for a few hours before the check-up.
  • Medical Records
    You should carry your medical records to a specialty clinic. Your doctor will get a much better idea of your case after studying these records.

What to expect from Specialty Clinics?

You can expect the following from a specialty clinic:

  • A general body physical examination
  • Measuring the blood pressure
  • Body vaccination
  • Weight measurement
  • Tests of various types related to the relevant body region

Possible results of Specialty Clinics

Below are various possible results of a specialty clinic

  • Early disease diagnosis
  • Reduction in complication risk
  • Improving body health
  • Identification of conditions that can cause disease in the future
  • Reduction in harmful symptoms

When to See a Doctor?

You should visit a healthcare professional at a specialty clinic only when you have a negative health condition. Such a condition should be the one that requires a specialized emphasis. Make sure to visit the one that specializes in dealing with your specific affliction.

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Specialty clinics are those that provide specialist treatment for a particular type of medical ailments. This means treatment that is provided with much more emphasis on a specific biological category than other types of treatments. The selection of a specialty clinic should be as per the patient’s disease and symptoms.

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Are Speciality clinics more expensive than others?

No, this is a misconception that is prevalent among many that Speciality clinics will cause more financial burden than other clinics.

Can one visit Speciality clinics only for critical cases?

No, one can visit Speciality clinics much before an ailment takes the shape of being critical. What matters here is the correct type of ailment, not the level of severity of the ailment.

Are Speciality clinics open throughout the day 24/7?

Specialty clinics in a hospital are usually open throughout the day.


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