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Thyroid Surgery in Karol Bagh, Delhi

Overview of Thyroid Surgery

Cancers can develop in any part of the body and the thyroid is one such region. This cancer develops when cells in the thyroid undergo abnormal genetic mutation. Thankfully, we have a handful of thyroid surgery treatment options in the modern era to combat this disease.

About Thyroid Surgery

Most thyroid cancers can only be treated with surgery. Your doctors will perform this surgery to reduce or eliminate your thyroid cancer. Thyroid surgery is possibly the most effective thyroid cancer treatment that one may get.

Due to significant advancements in medicine, surgeries are effective in reducing or eliminating even advanced thyroid tumors or cancers. In such a surgery, the cancerous tissue or nodule present in the thyroid is removed or reduced.

Who Qualifies for Thyroid Surgery?

You can qualify for thyroid surgery if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Trouble in swallowing
  • Swelling of the neck
  • Presence of a lump in the neck
  • Trouble in inhaling air
  • Change in voice
  • Constant neck pain

Why is Thyroid Surgery Conducted?

Thyroid surgery is conducted to remove or eliminate the cancerous thyroid gland from the body or to reduce it. Your surgeon may also conduct this surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes. Moreover, sometimes the removal of the small isthmus gland might be necessary.

What are the Benefits of Thyroid Surgery?

The various benefits of thyroid surgery are:

  • Removal of thyroid cancerous tissue from the body
  • Reduction of the number of thyroid cancerous cells
  • Destruction of the cancerous cell production mechanism
  • Restoring of thyroid inflammation

What are the Risks Associated with Thyroid Surgery?

The various risks associated with thyroid surgery are:

  • Drug reaction
  • Bleeding from Thyroid region
  • Damage to neighboring tissues
  • Pain in the thyroid region
  • Inflammation in the thyroid region

What are the Types of Thyroid Surgeries That Exist for Treatment?

Over time, many types of thyroid surgeries have been developed by medical experts. The success rate of these surgeries is high in most cases. Below are the types of thyroid surgeries that exist.

  • Lymph node removal
    This involves the removal of lymph nodes by a surgeon. These nodes are present in the neck in case cancer has spread to them.
  • Open thyroid biopsy
    Here a surgeon excises a nodule directly. Nowadays, its use has become rare.
  • Lobectomy
    Here the surgeon would remove the cancerous lobe.
  • Isthmusectomy
    In this surgery, the surgeon will remove only the small isthmus gland.
  • Thyroidectomy
    This is the most common thyroid surgery that involves thyroid gland removal. How much of the gland is to be removed depends upon the extent and spread of a patient’s cancer.

When to See a Doctor?

You must visit a doctor on experiencing symptoms like swollen neck glands, difficulty or pain in swallowing, consistent sore throats, or compression of the trachea. Ultimately, the decision of whether you require thyroid surgery depends upon your doctor. Apollo Hospitals offer a world-class thyroid surgery treatment.

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What are the Preparations for a Thyroid Surgery Treatment?

Your cancer doctor may require you to follow certain preparation measures.

  • Tests
    Your doctor may ask you to perform certain tests before thyroid surgery. These tests inform the doctor about the type of surgery suitable for you.
  • Awareness
    Your doctor will ask you to become aware of the cancer surgery. You must become aware of the possible side effects of thyroid surgery.
  • Special diet
    Your doctor may require you to go on a special diet a few hours or days before the thyroid surgery.


The thyroid is a common type of cancer that is easily curable. The rate of effectiveness of thyroid surgery has consistently been improving over the years. There is every reason to believe that your thyroid cancer will be cured with such advanced surgeries. Do not let fear make you hesitate to seek thyroid cancer treatment.





Will I get a scar after thyroid surgery?

Yes, thyroid surgery or any other surgery will leave some scars. Nevertheless, such a scar may heal with time. The rate of healing depends on the individual’s healing mechanism and immune system. Getting thyroid surgery from a good hospital will usually leave only mild scars.

Will there be pain after thyroid surgery?

A patient may experience some pain after the surgery. However, a good surgeon will try to minimize the pain following surgery. Your doctor may recommend medication to help eliminate the pain. So, discomfort following surgery is not a major issue and it should not be a reason for avoiding treatment.

Can thyroid cancer be cured without surgery?

This decision depends upon your doctor. Mild symptoms are treatable without the need for surgery but it is rare. Surgery is the main treatment option for most types of thyroid cancers.


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