Piles Laser Treatment in Delhi

Today, laser treatment is widely used to treat piles. It is preferred over any other treatment method because it is quick and doesn’t scare the patients away as it is almost pain-free. The laser treatment comes with a lot of advantages and helps treat the piles correctly. If you want to know more about this treatment, you can visit your nearest Apollo Spectra to know more.

What are piles?
Piles are nothing but enlarged blood vessels, which can be present either inside or outside the anus. Generally, they are small, round, or colourless lumps. These lumps can be felt around the anus or may feel them hanging from the anal canal. Piles are also known as haemorrhoids and they are always present inside the anus. But, when it becomes enlarged, cause pain or bleeding, then it becomes an issue. The anal canal is a short tube, which is muscular and consists of blood vessels that are connected to the rectum.
Although anyone can get piles, it is more common when you grow older. Also, it is even more common, if you regularly suffer from constipation or if you spend various hours sitting on the toilet or putting too much pressure to open the bowels. It is important to understand that piles are also common during and after the pregnancy. It can occur due to the hormonal changes and the excess pressure in the tummy. It usually becomes okay once the baby is born.
What are the types of piles?
There are two types of piles- Internal and External piles. Internal piles develop inside your anal canal, but they may hang down or come out of the anus. They are classified or graded according to the size and when they come out.
External piles – They are the swellings that develop closer to the anus. They can cause pain, mainly if they are filled with a blood clot. Also, you may suffer from both internal and external piles at the same time.
What are the symptoms of piles?
The main symptoms of piles can be piles. The other symptoms of piles are;

  • Bleeding after passing stools
  •  Lump in or around the anus
  •  You may notice a slimy discharge of the mucus from the anus
  •  You may feel discomfort or a fullness in your anus
  •  Despite going to the toilet, immediately after, you may feel like the bowels are still full
  •  Itching or tenderness of the anus
  •  Pain while passing stools

The symptoms can differ from one individual to another. These symptoms can also be an indication of other disorders, such as inflammatory bowel disease, anal cancer, bowel cancer, and even an anal fissure.

Why should you choose piles laser treatment in Delhi?
At Apollo Spectra, we believe in innovation, thus, we bring you innovative laser treatment to cure piles. The benefits of this treatment include;

  •  Less pain
  •  Much safer
  • Less or zero bleeding
  •  Quick and faster treatment
  •  No hospital stay or a quick discharge
  •  Easy treatment

It is a less invasive treatment where the tissues are not cut like in traditional surgeries. The affected area is then corrected with laser treatment accurately and in a focused precision. Patients can easily return to their normal routine post-treatment.

During the laser treatment, one doesn’t need anaesthesia to undergo the procedure, and the best part about this treatment is that the patient can resume their normal duties immediately. When you go to your doctor, he or she will conduct a full evaluation to check if the laser treatment is meant for you. Generally, this treatment is more beneficial in people who suffer from severe contractions of the anus, internal piles, sentinel tags, external thrombosis, and external piles.

How is the piles laser treatment conducted?
During this procedure, your doctor will make use of a device, which creates a strong ray of infrared light. A tiny probe is made, just above the piles, which exposes the tissue to the laser beam. The heat that is produced from the laser beam is used to burn the affected area. Then the scar tissue that develops cuts the blood supply to the piles, leading the piles to shrink and wither. Another benefit of this treatment is that the scar tissue keeps all the surrounding veins in its place, to prevent them from enlargement. This procedure may take a couple of sessions depending on your condition.
Why choose Apollo Spectra?
The laser is an effective treatment for piles where the affected areas are cured with laser energy. Our doctors are extremely efficient and come with a vast experience. Our main aim is to improve the quality of life and with futuristic technologies and capable specialists, we are able to do that. If you are suffering from piles, don’t hesitate, with the treatment you will feel better. For a consultation, visit your nearest Apollo Spectra today!