General Surgeon in Chennai

General Surgery is a branch of surgery with a central core and all-inclusive knowledge of anatomy, metabolism, physiology, immunology, pathology, wound healing, nutrition, shock and resuscitation, neoplasia, and intensive care. General surgery extensively concentrates on the surgery concerning different systems and organs including parts of abdomen oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, liver,  colon, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts. It also concentrates on the thyroid gland and diseases involving the skin, soft tissue, breast, trauma, hernias peripheral vascular surgery. A wide range of general surgeons is also well-trained in carrying out endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy and gastroscopy. General surgery is a wide-ranging field of surgery which aims at providing preoperative, operative and postoperative care for a very wide range of diseases, conditions, intensive care, emergency procedures, or first-aid.

At Apollo Spectra, we have a team of the leading general surgeons in Chennai who provide surgical care to the patient. They are trained in treating diseases and injuries of head, abdomen, neck, soft tissues and endocrine system, vascular system, burn trauma and several other conditions of the body. They have years of practice in the field and use the most advanced methods to carry out various surgical procedures and ensure the best treatment for all.

What is the role of a general surgeon?
A general surgeon has plenty of roles to play in the surgical process, beginning from the diagnosis of a condition to providing postoperative care. At Apollo Spectra, general surgeons skilfully perform the following roles-

• Diagnosis

A general surgeon examines the medical history and records of the patients seeking treatment. They thoroughly take in account the medical conditions, infections, and allergies of the patient and plan the best and most apt procedure for their treatment.

• Preoperative care

Preoperative care refers to the care the patient receives before the surgery. The role of a general surgeon in the preoperative stage encompasses’ surgical site preparation such as sterilization, hair removal, examining different screening tests such as ECG’s, X-rays, ultrasonography, etc.

• Operative care

Operative care refers to the care given during the surgery. The major role of a general surgeon in the operative stage includes carrying out the actual surgical procedure using invasive or non-invasive techniques.

• Postoperative care

Postoperative care refers to the care given following the surgery. This may comprise of prescribing medication to prevent pain and infections, monitor parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate,  wound healing, check for any postoperative complications and coordinating follow-ups with the patient. This stage may also include some counselling of the patient after the surgery in order to lend them mental peace.

Which surgeries do general surgeons perform?
General surgeons come with an extensive training in performing a number of surgeries concerning different systems of the body. At Apollo Spectra, Chennai, our expert general surgeons perform a large number of surgical procedures, including-

  •  surgeries for the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive tract from the oesophagus to the anus
  • surgeries for trauma to the abdomen and thorax
  • kidney, pancreas and liver transplantation
  • surgery of certain breast conditions
  • surgery of certain skin conditions
  • general surgery of childhood conditions
  • elective surgery is also an important part of general surgery
  • initial level assessment of patients with peripheral vascular disease

At Apollo Spectra, our general surgeons perform the above-mentioned surgeries using cutting-edge methods and technology. They aim at providing quick relief to the patient and ensure a healthy and long life for all!

Why should you choose Apollo Spectra?
Apollo Spectra has emerged as the leading figure in healthcare in the country and provides international standards of medical care. At Apollo Spectra, Chennai, we have equipped a team of the leading general surgeons in Chennai, who encompass a broad knowledge of performing a wide range of surgical procedures with great efficiency. Our general surgeons have years of experience and training in diagnosing conditions and suggesting the best surgical options for each patient. Apollo Spectra general surgeons stay updated with the advancement in surgery and employ first-class methods and techniques to carry out surgeries. They work in association with other healthcare specialists to provide an unparalleled experience to all. Book an appointment with Apollo Spectra, Now!