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Hand joint (small) replacement surgery

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Hand Joint Replacement Surgery in Alwarpet, Chennai 

Total joint replacement is a surgical treatment for arthritic and damaged joints. A metal, plastic, or ceramic device called a prosthesis is used as a replacement material for the joint bones and cartilages. The prosthesis helps in the normal movement of the joints and keeps them healthy.  

Small joint replacement surgery is done to treat small joints, mainly in the hands, where the defective small bones and surrounding structures are removed and replaced with new parts or prostheses. Searching for an orthopedic specialist near me, orthopedic hospitals near me, or even an ortho hospital near me will guide you to get help for your minor joint problems.

About Hand Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement involves removing and replacing abnormal structures in the joints, whether cartilage, bones or synovial fluids. Removal of this tissue can remove worn and painful bone surfaces and make room for new artificial parts called implants. The implant is a particular type of metal or plastic or a special type of carbon-coated material. The new components allow the bones to move with little or no pain.

The proximal interphalangeal replacements are added in the mid-portion of the finger of the hand. They can also be inserted into the metacarpophalangeal (MP) or the knuckles, except for the thumb. This is because the thumb has to bear way more lateral forces than the rest of the fingers; thus, the implant will soon fail. Therefore, MP thumb joints will heal when injured. 

For the elbow, a complete elbow replacement can be performed, replacing the proximal ulna and distal humerus at the same time or replacing only the radial head. The joints on the fingertips are too small to place implants, so they usually heal if the arthritis is too painful. 

Who Qualifies for a Hand Joint Replacement Surgery?

A team of orthopedic surgeons discuss the scenario and perform the surgery. These are the specialist doctors who have specialized in the musculoskeletal system. To consult, search for an orthopedic doctor near me or ortho doctor near me, or orthopedic surgeon near me to find us or

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Why Is Hand Joint Replacement Surgery Conducted?

Small hand joint replacement surgery is an excellent option for treating hand osteoarthritis in older adults with low activity levels and patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Joint replacement surgery can reduce pain, increase the range of motion of the fingers, and improve hand function.

The purpose is to replace damaged joints with a prosthesis to make them functional. This procedure is usually used to treat severe arthritis that affects certain joints. Surgical options for the treatment of hand osteoarthritis include cleaning abnormal cartilage and bones, fusion and replacement surgery.

Different Types of Implants for Hand Replacement Surgery

Depending on the patient’s requirement, the doctors may choose from the variety of implants available for replacement surgery. Each implant can be composed of different materials and attached to the bone in different ways. 

  • Some implants are soft and elastic; they just sit in the bones and can move between them. 
  • Other implants are stiff and rigid and can be pressed firmly over the bone without movement between the implant and the bone. 
  • Other rigid implants can be glued into the bone to maintain stability. 

It has unique advantages and disadvantages that your surgeon will describe to you to choose the implant that best suits your needs.

Benefits of the Surgery

Artificial joints on the arm can be beneficial in ways such as to:

  • Reduce pain in the joint
  • Joint mobility is maintained and regained
  • Improve the appearance and alignment of joints
  • Improve the overall function of the hand

What Are the Risks and Complications That You Should Look Out For?

Over time, the implant may fail, break, loosen or dissolve or break adjacent bones. Dislocation of some total joints can also occur. They can usually be rebuilt or changed. If there is severe bone loss or infection, new implants are not recommended. In this case, fusing the two bones to heal can reduce the pain, but it will prevent any joint movement. Another option is to remove the implant without installing a new implant.




What is hand therapy?

After joint replacement surgery, it is almost always necessary to perform hand therapy under the supervision of a qualified hand therapist, which usually takes several weeks or months. Different types of splints are used for hand therapy depending on the type of surgery and the joint that is replaced.

What do I do after the surgery?

For best results after surgery, please follow the instructions of the surgeon and therapist. If you notice a sudden increase in pain or swelling or have any specific problems with the new joint, call your surgeon.

Where can I find the best ortho doctor near me?

You need not panic; just search for a bone doctor near me or orthopedic surgery near me online to find some of the best help.


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