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Orthopaedic - Tendon and Ligament Repair

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Tendon and ligament repair

A tendon and ligament repair surgery is a simple surgical procedure to restore mobility and reduce pain in the affected region. You can visit Apollo Spectra Hospitals in Chennai to undergo this treatment.  

When does one need a tendon or ligament repair surgery?

Tendons are strong tissues that connect muscles to the bones of your body. They are important in helping our body move, run, walk or jump. Due to an injury or trauma, tendons may get ruptured or damaged.

A ligament is a strong band of tissues that connects one bone to another or a bone to different cartilage. A ligament tear generally occurs when an extreme force is applied to the joint. It may result in pain in the affected area with the inability to move the joint.

If in need of consultation you can visit the best orthopaedic surgery hospital in Chennai to know more about this surgery.

Who qualifies for the procedure?

To begin with, people who have suffered a trauma or injury that has led to a tendon rupture may suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain and swelling in the injured area
  • Inability to bend the adjoining joint
  • Inability to move the joint forward or backwards
  • Looseness in the impacted joint
  • Bruising of the affected region
  • A popping or snapping sound accompanying the injury

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you may qualify for the surgery. If you have suffered a painful injury, it would be best to make an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai at the earliest.

Why is this surgery conducted?

Some of the common reasons people need this surgery are:

  • Injury or trauma due to fall: If the tendon in the ankle or ligaments in any body part rupture due to an injury or trauma, you may need to repair it through surgery.
  • Sudden or extreme movement: A sudden movement or jerk may also cause the ligament in the neck, wrist or legs to tear.
  • Athletic injury: If there is severe pain or ache in the calf or ankle joint after playing a high impact sport like football, it may be because of a ligament tear. In that case, you may require surgery.

When do you need to see a doctor?

You need to visit a doctor for a physical examination if you feel pain or any of the above symptoms. If you have experienced an injury or trauma, visit the best orthopaedic specialists at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar for treatment.

You can request an appointment at 1860 500 2244 to book an appointment.

What are the risks involved in the surgery?

A tendon and ligament repair surgery is a safe procedure and rarely leads to any complications. However, some of the risks involved in this surgery are:

  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage in the surrounding tissues
  • Non - healing of the wound
  • Blood clots
  • Reaction to anaesthesia
  • Weakness in the affected area
  • Severe pain 

What are the benefits of tendon & ligament repair surgery?

The  benefits of tendon & ligament repair surgery are:

  • Reduced pain 
  • Restored mobility in the affected area
  • You can resume your daily activities like before
  • Less damage to the bones or surrounding tissues 

To summarise

A tendon & ligament repair surgery is one of the most commonly performed orthopedic surgical procedures. It is the best surgical method to repair ligament tears or tendon ruptures. It is also safe and rarely leads to any complications. Consult your orthopaedic surgeon if you have any doubts before the surgery and go for consultations regularly after the surgery for best results.




Is tendon and ligament repair surgery painful?

No. In most cases, the surgery is performed by a trained orthopaedic surgeon.

Can a tendon or ligament tear be prevented?

Yes, several measures may help prevent it like:

  • Avoiding high impact sports like football or wrestling
  • Avoiding running on hard or slippery surfaces
  • Stretching your muscles regularly before running

Schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospitals to get tested as early as possible.

How long will it take to function normally after a tendon or ligament repair surgery?

It will take around 6 - 12 weeks for the tendons to completely repair. For ligament surgery, recovery may take 6 months. Visit Apollo Spectra Hospitals, the best orthopedic surgery hospital in MRC Nagar, if you wish to know more

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