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Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery

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Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Overview of Mastopexy or Breast Lift Surgery

The elasticity of your breast tissues is affected due to aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations. This results in a sagging of the breast tissue. Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to change the shape of your breasts by repositioning your nipples higher on your chest wall. You can consult a plastic surgery specialist near you to get the details about the procedure and risks associated with breast lift surgery.

What is a Mastopexy or Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to change the contour of the breasts. Frequent fluctuations of weight, pregnancy, and gravity are the factors that cause changes in your breasts due to overstretching of the breast ligaments or loss in elasticity of breasts. You can ask the plastic surgeon in Chennai to reduce the size of the areola to give proportion to the newly shaped breasts.

Who qualifies for Mastopexy or Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is not recommended for everyone. To be eligible for mastopexy or breast lift surgery, you must have:

  1. Stable weight and physical fitness
  2. No smoking
  3. Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  4. Breast sagging that makes the breasts flat and long, thus losing their shape and volumes
  5. Nipples falling below the breast creases
  6. Nipples and areola pointing downwards
  7. One of the breasts falling lower than the other

Why is Mastopexy or Breast lift conducted?

If you are uncomfortable with the sagging of your breasts, then you can undergo Breast Lift Surgery. Aging in women leads to loss of elasticity and firmness of the breasts. Mastopexy raises the position of the nipples and areola (the darker area around the nipples). It is recommended to consult an experienced plastic surgery specialist near you if you are considering undergoing a breast lift surgery.

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Before the Breast Lift surgery

Before the breast lift surgery, your plastic surgery specialist will review your medical history and conduct a physical exam that includes a mammogram and a study of the quality of your skin tone, elasticity, and the structure of your breasts.

How is Breast Lift surgery performed?

You will be administered either a general or local anesthesia for sedation. There are usually three types of incisions: around the areola, extending downwards from the areola to the breast crease, or horizontally along your breast crease. After the incision, your breast tissue is lifted and reshaped.

The surgeon will reposition the nipples and areola to give a natural look to your breasts. The excess skin is removed after breast lift to compensate for the loss of skin elasticity due to aging or sagging. If necessary, the surgeon can also reduce the size of the areola. After this, your surgeon tightens the remaining skin, and the incisions are closed with stitches or sutures.

After the Breast lift surgery

After the surgery, the plastic surgery specialist will give you pain-relieving medications. You must wear a surgical support bra and must avoid straining or lifting. Small tubes are placed at the incision site to drain out blood or fluid discharge. Your breasts might be slightly bruised or swollen for a couple of weeks.


Breast lift surgery helps to rejuvenate your breasts and restore a more feminine position and appearance. It also repositions your nipples and changes the areolar region to give a new appearance to the breasts. It gives fullness to the breasts by removing excess skin.

Risks or complications related to Mastopexy or Breast lift

Although breast lift surgery is a safe procedure, it can still lead to several complications like:

  1. Scarring due to poor healing
  2. Change in the nipple or sensation in the breasts
  3. Interruption of blood supply to the nipples or areola
  4. Asymmetrical shape and size of breasts
  5. Difficulty in breastfeeding 
  6. Bleeding
  7. Fluid accumulation
  8. Death of fatty tissue located deep inside the skin


Breast lift surgery helps to change the appearance of your breasts but doesn’t change their size. It is recommended if there is excessive sagging of the breasts. It can be performed in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction to get the desired results. Before the surgery, you must have a positive outlook towards the results.





For how long does the Breast lift surgery last?

Breast lift surgery lasts for 10-15 years. In some patients, it can last for an even longer time.

What is Natural Breast lift surgery?

Natural breast surgery is a surgical procedure combined with implants that hide the scars after the surgery. It gives a naturally lifted appearance to the breasts.

After how many days of the breast lift can I sleep on the side?

After a couple of weeks of breast lift surgery, you will be able to sleep on your side but don’t sleep on your stomach.

Can I go swimming after the Breast lift surgery?

You cannot go swimming or use a bathtub for at least six weeks after the breast lift surgery.


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