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Breast Abscess Surgery

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Best Breast Abscess Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

A breast abscess simply means a collection of pus in the breast. The milk gland is a very rich medium for bacteria to thrive in. This bacteria can come indirectly from the cuts on the mother’s nipple and can be transferred from the baby’s oral cavity onto the nipple. The bacteria settle down in the area, grow further and turn into an abscess or pus collection.

Breast abscesses are a complication of mastitis (an inflammation of breast tissue) if treatment with antibiotics is not successful. Breast abscesses can be a difficult condition to deal with, due to the tendency for recurrence and intense discomfort. Traditionally, drainage of the abscess required a surgical incision, performed usually under general anesthesia followed by the administration of antibiotics. If there is any need for this surgery, it is recommended to consult a surgeon who performs breast abscess surgery.

About Breast Abscess Surgery

In case of a breast abscess, first of all, you need to consult a surgeon. You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai

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For this surgery, preparation is done with iodine. Iodine is applied to the area so that it becomes desensitized. There are two major types of Breast abscesses treatment during surgery, i.e., simple incision and drainage or aspiration and irrigation using an ultrasound-guided needle.

In the earlier stage, doctors try to cure the condition with the help of antibiotics. However, maximum breast abscess cases require incision and drainage. For surgery, firstly local anesthesia is given. Then a tiny incision (cut) with the help of a blade is made on the abscess to release the infected fluid. Now, the doctor may choose to leave the wound open to let the infected fluid flow out naturally or insert a needle to help the fluid come out easily. With the help of gauze, a sample of pus is also collected for lab tests. Lastly, either the wound is left open to heal, or a bandage is put over after cleaning the area.

Who qualifies for the surgery:-

A lactating female with the following conditions generally meets the eligibility criteria for surgical drainage of breast abscess.

  • If a female is identified with a single breast abscess of a minimum of five centimeters of diameter.
  • If a female is identified with multiple breast abscesses of three-centimeter diameter or more.
  • If needle aspiration treatment has failed three or more times and complete resolution of the medical condition has not been achieved.

Why is the surgery conducted?

The procedure of surgery is conducted to avoid the situation which a woman faces during breast abscess like:

  • Swelling: Persistent swelling around the particular area which is unbearable.
  • Painful: Excessive pain in the breasts while moving the arms or shoulders.
  • Redness: Due to swelling and pain, the area starts looking reddish.
  • Fever: In this situation, a high fever is also common.
  • Vomiting: Sometimes due to stress, the patient can experience vomiting.

If you are facing any of these situations, it is recommended that you consult a breast abscess surgeon near you.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Alwarpet, Chennai

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Benefits of the surgery:

If you consult a good surgeon for breast abscess surgery in Chennai, you can get good benefits after surgery. Here are few benefits of breast abscess surgery which are as follow

  • Relaxation of arms and shoulders
  • No more redness around the particular area
  • Reduces internal pain
  • Get rid of pus and skin infection

Risks/Complications in the surgery:-

There is some risk in every surgery but a good hospital can reduce it. So you should consult a hospital before surgery that provides breast abscess surgery.

Some potential complications are mentioned below:

  • The surgery could lead to chronic pain and scarring.
  • It could lead to recurrent infections, which could further cause breast asymmetry and loss of breast size.
  • Milk Fistula refers to an opening between skin and a lactiferous duct leading to continuous milk seeping. It is a rare complication that may occur in lactating patients as a result of breast abscess.


Anyone could develop a breast abscess irrespective of whether you are lactating or not. In case you feel pain and/or inflammation in the breast area for more than 24 hours, you must consult a physician. You can contact any doctor or hospital that provides breast abscess surgery in Chennai for a consultation to rectify the situation.





Is surgery necessary for breast abscess?

Yes, surgery is required in most cases.

When should I worry about a breast abscess?

If there is an infection in both breasts and Pus or blood is present in breast milk. You can contact a doctor for breast abscess surgery in Chennai.

What is the reason for breast abscess?

A bacterial infection can cause a breast abscess. Bacteria enter through a scratch in the skin or a tear in the nipple or areola.

Is a breast abscess an emergency?

Yes, it is an emergency because if left unattended, it can spread further and cause more health issues.


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