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Best Audiometry Treatment in MRC Nagar, Chennai

The science of assessing hearing, mainly by measuring variations in sound intensity and tone, is called audiometry. It also considers tonal purity and implicates testing limits. 

If you're facing issues related to hearing, consult audiometry doctors in Chennai. 

What is audiometry?

Essentially, audiometry involves an exam to assess the ability to hear sounds based on loudness, intensity, vibration and the velocity of sound waves. The science of listening states that a person can listen to sounds when sound vibrations reach the inner ear. This occurs when the sound travels by the nerve path to the brain. If you are facing hearing loss, consult an audiometry doctor near you.

How do you prepare for the test?

  • A day before the test, avoid exposure to any rough noises above the level of a vacuum cleaner sound for more than a couple of minutes.
  • Ensure that you are not suffering from a cold or flu when the test is underway.
  • Two-three days before the test, make sure that you get rid of ear wax.

When do you need to visit a doctor?

If you are having hearing problems, visit an ENT specialist in Chennai.

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How is audiometry done?

Audiometry specialists will test your hearing with some simple steps such as:

  • A specialized tuning fork investigation can enable them to assess the type of hearing loss. The tuning fork is tapped and placed against the mastoid bone to test bone conduction.
  • Pure tone testing (audiogram) is of a distinct frequency and volume provided to one ear at a time. The minimum volume needed to hear each tone is graphed.
  • Speech audiometry tests your capacity to perceive and reiterate spoken words at various volumes heard through a headset.
  • Immittance audiometry is a test that assesses the purpose of the eardrum and the flow of sound through the middle ear. A probe is inserted into the ear, and air is pumped through it to alter the pressure within the ear as tones are generated.


Visit well-trained and authorized audiologists for audiometric testing on patients. The findings of the test would be examined by your audiology specialist in Chennai.

How do I know that I am suffering from hearing loss?

When you find yourself asking someone to repeat themselves or struggle to hear in a congested, noisy area or have difficulty hearing over the phone, there may be a possibility that there is a hearing loss issue.

How much time does audiometry usually take? Is it painful?

It may take up to an hour. It is a painless procedure.

When is a hearing aid required?

When there is considerable hearing loss, a hearing aid is prescribed, which enhances overall hearing ability.


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