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Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

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Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Overview of Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

A Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch involves a rearranged small bowel such that some fats consumed by the patient are malabsorbed. The small bowel bypass leads to a diversion of the food stream, preventing it from combining with the digestive juices until it reaches the small bowel. The procedure’s outcome is a robust combination of mal-absorption being converted into an effective weight loss treatment.

The procedure is often performed as a part of the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure. Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch is suitable for people who want to lose excess weight, have hypertriglyceridemia, and have insulin-dependent diabetes.

About Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch

In the standard digestion process, the food moves from your stomach to the small intestine. The start of the small intestine is known as the duodenum. The body combines the partially digested food from the stomach with juices from the pancreas and liver. This is when the body absorbs the fat and nutrients from what you are eating.

During Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch surgery, a bariatric surgeon in MRC Nagar will rearrange the intestine to ensure that the food from the stomach and the juices from the liver are spending less time to combine.

As the digestive juices combine for a short time, the body absorbs less fat. Since you have a smaller stomach to hold food along with a much smaller digestive process, the surgery will lead to considerable weight loss.

Who Qualifies for Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch?

A Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch is an excellent option for people who have diabetes or are obese. It’s a procedure that is helpful for obese patients with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, or obstructive sleep apnea.

Why is Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Performed?

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch is performed to help you lose more weight than sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. It has been seen that surgery can help in reducing obesity and illness related to it. These include,

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes

The complex weight-loss surgery can reduce your body’s ability to absorb calories, minerals, and vitamins. Significant weight loss will improve your body’s glycemic control and reduce the effects of high blood sugar.

How can Patients Benefit from Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery?

If you get a duodenal switch surgery in Chennai, you can enjoy great benefits. Let’s put them under a microscope a little.

  • Of all the duodenal switch options, this offers the most significant outcomes. It can help in shedding 60-70% weight at a 5-year follow-up.
  • In this procedure, the bariatric surgeon in Chennai takes out the section responsible for releasing hormones controlling your hunger level. So, you will not feel as hungry as before.
  • Another reason patients turn to duodenal switches is to reverse severe health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • After a duodenal switch surgery in MRC Nagar Chennai, you can expect a better life quality.

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What are the Risks Associated with Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch can reduce the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins. It can result in long-term, serious complications. People getting this surgery might develop osteoporosis, anemia, or kidney stones.

Moreover, people who are under this surgery are at risk of iron and calcium deficiencies. Even though rates, a thiamin deficiency might happen after the procedure. If left untreated, this can lead to nerve damage.

About 18% of the people who get this surgery tend to develop protein-energy malnutrition.

So, after the surgery, you need to take supplements as prescribed.

Just as any other surgery, the procedure carries the following risk,

  • nfection
  • Internal bleeding
  • Hernia
  • Blood clots in the legs that can move to the lungs

How long does it take to recover from a laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery?

Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch patients will have to stay in the hospital overnight. They will need a minimum of one week to recover.

How much weight can you lose with laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery?

Patients can lose 30% of the excess weight within three months and 80% in a year. With other bariatric procedures, you can regain weight, but Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch patients are unlikely to regain the weight.

Is laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery safe?

Yes, Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch is a safe procedure for patients who have failed other bariatric surgeries.

Can I drink alcohol after a laparoscopic duodenal switch?

No, it is better to avoid alcohol after the first six months of having the surgery. After you are permitted to drink alcohol again, avoid sugary drink mixers or carbonated beverages. Remember that a better life quality, even the smallest amount of alcohol, can lead to low blood sugar and intoxication after the surgery.


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