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Sleep Medications & Insomnia Treatments in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Sleep medicine is a medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and disturbances. Sleeping disorders are characterized by having regular trouble in either staying or falling asleep called insomnia or experiencing excessive tiredness in the daytime or excessive sleepiness in daytime. Sleep disorders require special assistance from sleep medicine specialists near you. A specialised doctor in this field can help you plan better treatment to improve your sleeping habits.

When should you see a sleep medicine specialist?

You should first visit your regular health specialist and after seeing your symptoms, your primary doctor will refer you to a sleep medicine specialist. Following symptoms indicate you need a sleep medicine specialist:

  • Snoring 
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme tiredness in daytime 
  • Unable to do daily work

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What is the role of sleeping medicines in treating sleep disorders?

  • Sleeping pills can help people with sleeping  disorders like insomnia. But you have to consult a doctor first. There are various types of sleeping pills that come under the name of hypnotics, sedatives, sleep aids, sleep medicine, antidepressants and tranquilizers. These medicines work by silencing the alerting areas of your brain.
  • Sleep medicines are for short-term use. They can be divided into two categories: over-the-counter(OTC) pills and prescribed pills. OTCs include melatonin and antihistamine drugs, they can make you fall asleep due to their drowsy effects. On the other hand, prescribed pills include anti-depressants or z-drugs and should be taken on the basis of a doctor’s prescription as these medicines have a lot of side effects like headaches, constipation, muscle weakening, breathing and digestive problems, nausea,etc.


Sleep disorders and disturbances are widespread and can have significant effects on affected individuals if not diagnosed and treated on time. It's important to seek medical help from a sleep medicine specialist..



Who are sleep medicine specialists?

  • A sleep medicine specialist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), restless legs syndrome (RLS) or insomnia and disturbances. It is a post-residency programme that is generally done by a psychiatrist, pediatrician or a neurologist.
  • Sleep psychologists are specialists who treat sleep disturbances through mental and behavioral therapies.
  • Otolaryngologists or ENT doctors perform surgeries to treat severe cases of sleep disorders that occur due to structural problems with the nose, mouth, or throat causing snoring and OSA.

What are the alternative treatments for sleep disorders?

Alternative treatment involves everything from making lifestyle changes to including herbal supplements like valerian roots and chamomile and therapies like acupuncture, meditation and aromatherapies.


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