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Lab Services in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Lab services deal with medical tests that are carried out on clinical specimens in order to fetch information about the health of a patient. Lab test results help in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

You can visit general medicine hospitals in Chennai for lab services.

What are the types of lab services?

There are different types of lab services available, such as:

  • Chemistry laboratory: Where common tests pertaining to cholesterol, glucose, potassium, enzymes, thyroid, creatinine and hormones are done. Basically, tests that are related to chemical elements and compounds present in our body are carried out here.
  • Hematology: Hematologists carry out tests related to blood morphology and diseases. They count and classify blood cells into their respective categories. Problems with blood clotting (coagulation) are also identified here. 
  • Microbiology: Detects any infectious disease caused by microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa or algae. Culture of a body fluid or a body tissue is done in order to detect the infectious microbe. 
  • Transfusion services: These labs perform tests on patients’ blood samples before transfusion to find compatible donors.
  • Immunology: Deals with antibodies produced by the body in response to some foreign materials, checks the source of allergic reactions and detects other immune disorders.
  • Pathology: Detects the cause of diseases that bring functional and structural changes in the body.
  • Cytology: In a cytology lab, a skilled cytotechnologist examines patients’ cells to look for cancer and other diseases. The most common technique used in this lab is pap smear.

Why are lab tests important?

Medical lab testing plays a significant role in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of a disease. That is why routine lab tests are advised by doctors.

What is the role of a medical laboratory scientist or pathologist?

  • They have multiple responsibilities and duties, including
  • Examining and analyzing samples of tissues, blood, body fluids and cells
  • Counting and looking for abnormality in cells with precision using highly specialized technical equipment like microscopes
  • Matching blood for transfusion
  • Cross-checking test results to maintain accuracy
  • Guiding and teaching other medical lab technicians

When do you need a lab test?

Lab tests are done either as part of your routine health checkup or on doctor’s advice in order to diagnose and treat any suspected medical problem in your body.

General medical doctors in Chennai can help you with the best lab services.

You can request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai.

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Medical lab services are an integral part of the field. They help doctors in accurate detection and diagnosis of a disease or infection. Only after getting proper medical test reports, doctors proceed with treatments.




What does it mean when your blood test shows inflammation?

It means that your blood stream has a high level of c-reactive protein (CRP). CRP is a protein made by your liver. It's sent into your bloodstream in response to inflammation.

Do viruses show up in blood tests?

The presence of viral infection is detected through blood tests like full blood count. The presence of viruses will either reduce or increase the count of white blood cells or other lymphocytes in your body.

What is an abnormal lab result?

An abnormal or positive lab test means there is some sort of infection or abnormality in your body.


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