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Oculoplasty Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Oculoplasty is a blanket term used to denote a group of surgical procedures to fix structural and cosmetic issues pertaining to abnormality of eyelids, lacrimal drainage system, extra ocular structures, bony eye-socket and other adjoining areas of the eye.

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What is oculoplasty?

Oculoplastic surgery or ophthalmic plastic surgery procedures may be done for a number of reasons. Surgeries like those involving the upper and lower eyelid (known as blepharoplasty), lifting eyebrows and removal of eye bag removal are cosmetic in nature. Others like eyelid repair and reconstruction for entropion, ectropion and ptosis are functional in nature. More severe surgeries like eye removal and reconstruction are beneficial from a clinical point of view, for a patient’s overall health and well-being.

Oculoplastic surgery is a specialized branch of ophthalmology. Surgeons from other specialties like plastic surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery can also undergo specific training for different oculoplastic surgical procedures.

Who qualifies for oculoplasty?

Anyone with a major defect, abnormality or any injury to any external part of the eye and its adjoining areas, namely the eyelids, lashes, the bony sockets of the eyes or even near the cheeks, can opt for oculoplastic surgery, but only after expert consultation.

The common symptoms that indicate that you need to consult an oculoplastic surgeon/specialist include:

  • Unnecessary blinking of eyes due to persistent discomfort from eyelids or eyelashes drooping inside the eye or hanging downwardsTwitching of the eyes
  • Wrinkles, skin-folds or scars around the eye causing discomfort
  • Blockage in the tear ducts
  • Tumorous growth in the eyelids or adjoining areas
  • Excessive fat deposition in the eyelids
  • Burns or traumatic eye injuries

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Why is oculoplasty needed?

Oculoplasty may be needed for the following reasons:

  • Anyone needing cosmetic enhancement due to wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness or any other reason 
  • Anyone who has undergone a traumatic face injury and needs surgical intervention to repair disintegrated fragments of the face, eyes, orbitals or surrounding tissues
  • Anyone wanting to correct any congenital abnormality that causes interruption in vision or discomfort with normal eye movements

What are the different procedures for oculoplasty?

Oculoplastic surgical procedures depend on the part of the eye being operated and the purpose of the surgery.

  • Procedures involving the eyelids: Blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids to remove excess skin and subcutaneous fat on the upper and lower eyelids and prevent hooding and puffiness
  • Procedures to fix Eyelid Malposition: Ptosis, Entropion and Ectropion Surgeries are conducted to correct protruding/bulging/malpositioned eyelids; benign outgrowths like moles can be examined with biopsies and then removed with excision if needed; malignant tumors may need partial or complete removal of one or more tissues
  • Procedures involving tear ducts: Surgical procedures to reduce watering, partial blocking or sometimes even complete surgical removal of the tear duct/lacrimal sac
  • Procedures involving removal of the eye: The eyeballs may need partial or complete removal in certain cases where there is considerable damage due to a malignant tumor
  • Procedures involving orbits: Orbital decompression or reconstruction to repair displaced fragments post any traumatic injury or shock that disintegrates orbits
  • Cosmetic procedures: All kinds of fillers and facial reconstruction surgeries, along with brow, forehead and face lifts and liposuction of the face and neck to reduce fat and puffiness

What are the benefits?

  • Cosmetic enhancement of eyes and facial features
  • Reconstruction and repair of damaged parts
  • Refreshing changes to the eyes of patients with some form of anatomical defect like drooping eyelids, sunken eyes or baggy and puffy eyes
  • Relief for patients in pain due to trauma, tumors


Oculoplasty is an umbrella term for reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries for the eyes and their adjoining areas on the face. It may involve the eyelids, orbitals, eyeballs and adjoining tissues. It should only be done under professional guidance.

Will oculoplasty make me blind?

There are chances of blindness after oculoplasty, especially in the case of malignant tumors. Consult your doctor before opting for the surgery.

How long does oculoplasty take?

Oculoplasty usually takes 2-5 hours depending on the part of the eye being operated.

What are the risks of oculoplasty?

Overcorrection, scarring, need for additional surgeries, blindness and wound dehiscence.


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