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Health Checkup Packages in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Taking care of your health is not easy. While we pay strict attention to our diet, sleep and exercises, there may be certain medical conditions that require a detailed check-up. A health check-up aims to test the body functioning through different methods. General medicine hospitals in Chennai offer the best health check-ups.

What does a health check-up entail?

A regular or prescribed health check-up gets the details about the functioning and issues with the internal organs and different systems of the human body. There is a set of check-ups that can be performed. General medicine hospitals in Chennai can help you get the best, precise and highly affordable health check-up packages.

What are the types of health check-ups?

Different hospitals have dedicated units that offer specialized health check-up packages. These can be based on medical conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. The different types of tests included in health check-ups can include:

  • Blood tests
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Urine tests
  • Kidney functioning tests
  • Liver functioning tests
  • Lipid profile
  • ECG
  • TMT
  • ECHO
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Pap smear
  • Mammography

Why do you need a health check-up?

Going for a health check-up should be a part of your routine health practices. It can help in early detection of diseases.

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How do you prepare for a health check-up?

General medicine doctors in Chennai prepare you for a health check-up in the following manner:

  • Previous medical records:
    It is better to carry your medical records for consultation with a doctor after the tests.
  • Fasting:
    Certain health check-ups involve lab tests that may require you to stop eating, drinking and smoking for at least 12 hours before the sample testing.


Health check-ups are mandatory and should be incorporated as a mandatory schedule in a busy and modern lifestyle. It helps all persons keep tabs on the changing body functioning and helps in the early detection of any disease (if any). Many dangerous diseases can be averted by timely detection of symptoms during routine health check-ups.

Do I need to book an appointment for a health check-up?

Yes, you can book an appointment online before visiting any place for a dedicated health check-up.

Can I get immediate results from a health check-up?

The different units take time to provide results depending on the type of the tests performed.

Will I feel pain during a health check-up?

Not at all. Health check-ups are 100% painless procedures.


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