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Tonsillectomy Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Tonsillectomy is the procedure to remove the tonsils; they are the ovoid mass of lymphoid tissues. Tonsils, like any other lymphoid tissue or lymph node, take part in fortifying immunity. They help us fight invaders like pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other infection-causing organisms. However, the removal of tonsils doesn’t affect our overall immunity system in any way. After severe oral infections and certain malignant conditions, it is a therapeutic procedure.

What is tonsillectomy?

It is a short and simple procedure, usually taking 30 minutes to an hour. You are given general anesthesia before it.Hence, you don’t feel pain while your doctor performs it.

Instructions you may receive from the hospital:

  • Past drug and medication history and changes in it if required
  • You will be advised not to eat the night before the surgery or tonsillectomy specialists in Chennai and tonsillectomy specialists in MRC Nagar may provide complete diet information accordingly.
  • You will be asked to lie down in a supine position, i.e., on your back. A pillow will be placed under your shoulder so that your neck is extended. Additionally, a rubber ring is placed under the head to stabilize it.
  • A mouth gag is placed in your mouth to keep it open throughout the procedure.
  • Your doctor will use various instruments to grasp tonsils.
  • Incision is now made, which reflects tonsils. Blunt curved scissors are used to separate tonsils from the other connective structure that holds tonsils to the layers of the oral cavity.
  • Immediately after removing tonsils, gauze is placed, and pressure is applied for a few minutes. Now the doctor sutures bleeding points, and the procedure is repeated on the other side.

Recovery from the surgery takes about ten days. Children recover faster than adults. For further information,

request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai.

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Who qualifies for the surgery?

You can have tonsils removed if:

  • You are free of congenital disabilities like submucous cleft palate
  • You have hemoglobin levels of more than 10g per deciliter.
  • You are free of any acute upper respiratory tract infection.
  • You are free of any bleeding disorder.

Why is this surgery required?

You suffer from various conditions according to which tonsillectomy doctors at Apollo Spectra Hospitals decide if you need a tonsillectomy or not. On a technical basis, your doctors look for an absolute indication where they have to perform tonsillectomy. Then there are conditions where tonsillectomy may be avoided.

Absolute indications are:

  • Recurrent infections of the throat - if you have had:
    1. Seven or more episodes in 1 year
    2. Five episodes per year continuously for 2 years
    3. Three episodes per year for 3 years in a row.
  • If you have a tonsillar abscess
  • Tonsillitis, which causes fever
  • If your tonsils grow to cause airway obstruction (obstructive sleep apnea), difficulty swallowing, and interfere with your speech
  • Suspicion of malignancy

What are the benefits of tonsillectomy?

Removal of tonsils has the following benefits:

  • Once the tonsils are removed, there are fewer infections in the person.
  • Now less medication is required as there are fewer infections.
  • As swollen tonsils are removed, the surgery improves sleep quality as enlarged tonsils affect oxygen supply during sleep, causing problems.

What are the complications?

There could be immediate and delayed complications:

  • Immediate complications include hemorrhage, injury to surrounding structures like teeth, soft palate, etc.
  • Delayed complications involve secondary infections, scarring of the soft palate and hypertrophy of lingual tonsils (tonsils near your tongue); this hypertrophy is normal and only compensatory to loss of palatine tonsils.


Tonsillectomy is a safe procedure with well-handled, after-surgery complications (if any). It ensures symptomatic relief and improves quality of life.



Can adults have a tonsillectomy?

Yes, tonsillectomy is done for both adults and children. It is just that children tend to undergo it more frequently than adults. Because children are likely to get infections that could be chronic and recurrent.

Can I return home the same day after surgery?

It depends on the anesthetic medication administered to you and your response to clearance of it. Otherwise, tonsillectomy is safe, and you could return home the same day.

Can I get an infection after a tonsillectomy?

You may and may not have secondary infections due to tonsillectomy. But for prevention, your doctor can prescribe certain antibiotics. Contact a tonsillectomy doctor in Chennai.

Are there any other treatments that could be tried?

Tonsillitis is manageable through antibiotics, but it’s better to get tonsils removed in recurrent cases.


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