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Screening and Physical Exam

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Screening and Physical Exam Treatment in MRC Nagar, Chennai

A physical examination is a regular checkup done monthly or annually to get an overall understanding of your health. A screening test is conducted to analyse and detect diseases or potential diseases.

The purpose of a physical exam is to get a general idea about your health. While preparing for your physical exam and screening test, you should make a list of the symptoms you are showing and any medications you are taking. A physical exam involves lab tests, visual exams, medical history, etc. Screening tests include colonoscopy, mammogram, ultrasound, HIV/AIDs test, etc.

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What are screening and physical exams?

A physical exam, also known as a wellness check, is an annual health checkup done to check the overall status of your health. The purpose of a physical exam is to not only get a sense of your general well-being, but also to catch up on your vaccinations, conduct lab tests and monitor diseases.

A screening test is a test that is conducted to detect or diagnose diseases or potential diseases. The purpose of a screening test is to detect a disease early and plan the right medical treatment. It also decreases the risk of developing a disease by providing clarity. Screening tests are not conducted for diagnosis but for ensuring an understanding of the disease and for recommending further tests.

What are the risk factors?

There are no risks associated with taking a screening test and a physical exam. These are considered by health professionals a good way of keeping track of your health and well-being. The only thing associated with a physical exam might be the discomfort felt when a needle is inserted inside a person for collecting blood. Otherwise, there is no risk associated with a physical exam.

How do you prepare for a physical exam and screening?

There is no preparation required for a physical exam. Preparation might be required if your doctor asks you to take a fasting blood test which requires you to not eat anything before the test.

There are a few pieces of information that are required before your physical exam. These include:

  • Recent lab results
  • Names and contact numbers of family and any doctor you are consulting
  • Anything you are allergic to 
  • Any medications you are taking
  • Any symptoms you are facing 
  • Medical and surgical history
  • Any device such as a pacemaker inside your body
  • Lifestyle habits such as exercise, diet, smoking, alcohol or drugs

What can you expect from screening and physical exam?

Your physical exam would include the following steps:

  • Medical history - This is the first step that includes updating your medical history and asking questions regarding your job, allergies or surgeries.
  • Checking vital signs - The doctor takes your blood pressure, checks your respiratory function and your pulse rate.
  • Visual exam - The doctor will analyse your overall physical appearance for any signs of a disease or growth. He/she would check your hands, eyes, legs, chest, speech and motor movement. He/she would also check your skin, hair and nails for any abnormality.
  • Laboratory tests - The final stage of your physical exam would include taking your blood for several tests. It includes taking your blood count and checking for any problems in your kidney, liver and immune system. This test would give your doctor an overall understanding of your health and help detect any problems.

There are many types of screening tests. The most commonly conducted ones are:

  • Cholesterol test - Cholesterol is a substance found in our bodies that help produce vitamin D. People with a family history of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are predisposed to developing high cholesterol. A blood test is conducted to check your cholesterol levels.
  • Mammogram - Women above 50 years of age should take mammograms to check for breast cancer.
  • Colonoscopy - Men above 50 years are advised to take a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer.

What are the possible results of screening and physical exam?

Once the test results come, your doctor will ask you to follow up and discuss them with you. If any disease is detected, your doctor will devise a treatment plan for you to help tackle the issues.

When do you need to see a doctor?

Before your annual health checkup, if you experience any pain, discomfort, bleeding, infection or fever that persists for a long time, visit your doctor.

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A physical examination is a regular checkup done annually to get an overall understanding of your health. A screening test is conducted to analyse and detect diseases.





Is a physical exam painful?

A physical exam is not painful. But it may involve a mild discomfort when a needle is inserted to take your test. You can expect a little soreness.

Does a physical exam only involve tests?

A physical exam not only involves a lab test, but also requires getting the required immunization.

What is the purpose of a screening test?

The purpose of a screening test is to detect a disease early and devise a treatment plan to treat the problem.


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