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Corneal Surgery

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Corneal Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Overview of Corneal Surgery

Your eyes may mirror your soul but you certainly have to take good care of them to be able to view the world perfectly. The outermost lens of your eye, known as the cornea, may be damaged occasionally. Consult a Keratoplasty specialist near you to restore your vision fully and get rid of other associated problems.

This procedure is done surgically with a part of corneal tissue replaced with healthy tissue sourced from a donor. Successful surgery will enable you to see properly again with the pain being reduced substantially. The natural appearance of the eye also improves to a great extent.

This surgery is performed by a Keratoplasty specialist with the rate of success being fairly high. However, there is an associated risk of your body rejecting the cornea retrieved from the donor.

About Corneal Surgery Procedure

You will be advised to have a Keratoplasty treatment when the eye doctors find certain indications by examining your eye. You may be advised to go in for surgery when your eye is unable to focus correctly. Signs of scars on the cornea or swelling may qualify you for the procedure too.

Surgery is not the first option for eye specialists, however. You will be provided with alternatives for Keratoplasty treatment. Surgery is recommended when the cornea shows no signs of healing or if your vision deteriorates slowly. Ophthalmologists advise a corneal transplant when the damage cannot be reversed by medication or other non-invasive treatment.

Not all corneal surgeries are identical. They vary according to the extent of damage to the tissue. Your ophthalmologist may decide to replace the tissue in the front and mid-layer of your cornea. You may have only the inner layer replaced by healthy tissue or have the cornea replaced entirely with one from a donor. Consult a Keratoplasty specialist near you if you are having unclear vision or any other issues with your eyes.

Who qualifies for Keratoplasty?

The eye specialists will examine your eyes carefully and advise some tests before the final diagnosis is pronounced. You may have to go through alternative treatments if the damaged tissue fails to heal as expected. Surgery is recommended when the condition is diagnosed as:-

  • Fuchs' dystrophy
  • Abnormally thin cornea
  • Corneal scarring after cataract surgery
  • Keratoconus
  • Dystrophy of Cornea
  • Recurrent Corneal Erosions
  • Salzmann’s nodules
  • Ulceration within the cornea

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Why Corneal Surgery is conducted

  • To remove the unhealthy/damaged corneal tissue and replacing it with healthy tissue from a donor
  • To eliminate pain
  • To reduce the cloudiness of vision by improving visual acuity

What you gain after Corneal Surgery

The main concern of the Keratoplasty specialists is to restore your vision. You may be advised to undergo surgery to replace damaged or diseased corneal tissue when you are unable to view things clearly. Having healthy tissue in your cornea will help you to attain visual acuity.

You will not only find your vision becoming sharper but the associated pain will be eliminated completely or reduced until it is almost nonexistent. While your eye doctor may advise using corrective lenses to see perfectly, your vision will improve dramatically after you recover from the surgical procedure.

Risks or complications associated with Keratoplasty

Corneal surgeries are quite safe with the associated complications being minimal. You will be informed about the risks in advance so that you do not have any unrealistic expectations after undergoing Keratoplasty treatment. Some of the complications that may arise after the procedure include:-

  • Infections in one or both eyes
  • Glaucoma
  • Stitches coming off unexpectedly
  • Bleeding
  • Retinal detachment
  • Rejection of donor’s cornea


Corneal Surgery or Keratoplasty is recommended by ophthalmologists when the eye problems cannot be treated by conventional means. It is important to visit a doctor and have your eye examined regularly when you have difficulty in viewing or focussing on objects. Corneal transplant is a safe procedure with very few postoperative complications.




Where will my doctor get a healthy cornea to replace mine with?

Hospitals procure healthy corneas from a number of sources including eye banks.

What should I expect after Keratoplasty treatment in MRC Nagar?

You may experience redness in the eye as well as some irritation along with light sensitivity for the next few days.

Can I get back to work after the surgery?

You can begin work after your doctor advises you to do so. You can get back to your job within a few days if it involves less physical activity or concentrating on light.


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