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Microdiscectomy Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

The term, microdochectomy, refers to the elimination of a breast duct. It is a surgical technique used to identify and remove one or more milk ducts that are the cause of nipple discharge that is discolored and, in extreme cases, contains blood. It can also make the nipple in question seem abnormal. For this treatment, you should consult a surgeon who does microdochectomy surgery in Chennai.

It's best for younger women who want to keep their breastfeeding capacity after surgery. To locate the beginning of the nipple discharge, a surgeon will insert a tool into one of the ducts from the breast that drains to the nipple. After the treatment, you will be fine.

How is the procedure conducted?

Microdochectomy is a straightforward clinic operation. During this operation, the surgeon administers local or total anesthetic to treat nipple discharge caused by a single duct. This operation generally takes around 20-30 minutes.

Preoperatively, the physician may order a variety of tests, including mammography and breast ultrasound.

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During the procedure, a nurse will take you to the operating room. Before entering the operation room, the patient will be advised not to pinch the nipple. Gentle pressure is applied on the nipple in the operation room to locate the opening or entrance of the afflicted duct. A fine probe is gently placed into the duct as far as possible, ensuring that it is neither damaged nor disturbed. After that, the breast duct will expand, and dye is put into it to mark it. The nipple's boundaries are then traced and cut. After that, the duct is excised and removed. A drain can be inserted by some surgeons, and they will withdraw it within a few hours. The wound is stitched using absorbable stitches and then covered with a waterproof covering.

The material is submitted for biopsy by the hospital that performs microdochectomy surgery in MRC Nagar.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

Any woman who has nipple discharge can opt for this procedure. There can be a nipple discharge problem, but you are not pregnant. Even if you are not breastfeeding your child, there can be a problem, and you should search for microdochectomy surgery near me.

Why is microdochectomy conducted?

Microdochectomy is also known as Breast Duct Removal surgery. This procedure treats chronic nipple discharge from a single duct. In a breast, there are around 12-15 glandular ducts. These ducts open to the nipple surface. When a patient has nipple discharge from a single breast duct, the surgeon performs this procedure. If you have this problem, you can consult any surgeon who does microdochectomy surgery in Chennai.

What are the risks?

Microdochectomy is a reasonably simple procedure with fewer risks. But all surgeries have some risks. Before the surgery, you should consult a doctor who is well known for microdochectomy surgery in Chennai.

Some of the risks are:

  • Bleeding: There is a high chance of severe bleeding during or after the surgery but it is treatable.
  • Infection: It is possible, but you can take antibiotics.
  • Discomfort: You can feel it for some days.
  • Breastfeeding: If the surgeon removes all of the milk ducts, you will no longer be able to nurse from that breast.
  • Loss of nipple sensation: You can feel numbness in the nipple but it is rare.
  • Skin changes: Imbalance and a black scar (hyperpigmentation) can develop.
  • Pain
  • If biopsy indicates that the source of the nipple discharge is cancer, further treatments will be initiated.
  • There can be a permanent change in the shape and color of the nipple


The main advantage of microdochectomy is that there will be no harm to a patient's capacity to breastfeed. This is especially beneficial for young patients who are now nursing or expect to do so in the future. The tissue removed may be investigated to diagnose the cause of nipple discharge.






How long does it take to get breast duct surgery done?

The process usually takes around an hour, and you can go home after some time.

What method do they use to remove milk ducts?

Around the border of your areola (the darker area around the nipple), they will cut.

What is nipple discharge and what causes it?

Any fluid that leaks out of the nipple of a breast is known as nipple discharge. It's common to have a nipple discharge throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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