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Snoring Treatment in MRC Nagar, Chennai


Snoring is one of the most occasional habits among people when we sleep. One of the common causes of snoring includes blockage of air through the nose and throat, which further leads to the vibration of the surrounding tissue, which results in the snoring sound. People who generally snore regularly at night typically show symptoms of day fatigue, irritability, and other issues.

Types of Snoring

  1. Mouth snoring - When snorers have weak jaw muscles, they tend to pull the mouth open while you are fine asleep.
  2. Tongue snoring - Whenever the obstruction appears, it makes throat tissues tremble, causing the snore. Tongue, nasal congestion, soft palate, glands: the source of the blockage can be anywhere.
  3. Nasal snoring - In case of a blockage around the nasal path, there are chances of nasal snoring.  
  4. Throat snoring or sleep apnea - Sleep apnea is a disorder related to your sleep that occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep.There are certain situations when you are snoring throughout the night but still feel tired, a common phenomenon of sleep apnea. The most common type observed is obstructive sleep apnea due to the relaxation of the throat’s muscles.

Symptoms of Snoring

There is a wide range of factors that could indicate a snoring disorder. It is advised to the General surgeon near you.

Snoring is directly correlated to sleep apnea and can be easily pointed out if the below-mentioned patterns are visible.

  • Morning Headaches or day fatigue 
  • Sore Throat
  • Increased blood pressure 
  • Chest pains 
  • Restless sleeping habits 

Causes of Snoring

  • Age - It is one of the significant; causes of scoring. Middle-aged people have narrower throats, and the muscle tone also decreases. 
  • Alcohol consumption, Smoking & Medications -  There are chances of blockage in the airway with alcohol consumption, smoking, or medications 
  • Nasal problems -  Multiple snorers have suggested that they are forced to breathe through their mouths due to nasal congestion and stuffed nose. 
  • Sleep deprivation -  If you do not have enough sleep a body needs in a day, this could eventually result in snoring.

When to See a Doctor?

Snoring is a sign that you might potentially be suffering from sleep apnea. People generally are not alert when they snore, and it is a bed partner or roommate who brings this to their attention. Talking to a doctor is the best solution to snoring when it starts affecting your husband or wife’s sleep habits. Getting treatment for snoring is the right step at this stage.

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Risk Factors associated with Snoring

Various factors are associated with Snoring.

  1. Obesity - Extra pounds may also be contributing to your chronic snoring problem. Obese are more likely to snore or leads to obstructive sleep apnea.
  2. Family history of snoring or sleep disorders- When people have an incredibly soft palate or larger adenoids, it can be a potent cause of snoring.  

Please check with the General surgery doctors in Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MCR NAGAR, Chennai before it could lead to serious concern if not treated at the right time.

Diagnosis for Snoring

  1. Imaging tests - An X-ray, MRI scan, or CT scan can be performed to check if issues within your airways.
  2. Polysomnography - You can use a machine monitor to understand the pattern of your sleep habits. This test is called polysomnography which measures multiple parameters from your heart rate to your activities in your brain while you are asleep.

Treatment for Snoring

  1. Lifestyle changes - Your doctor will suggest lifestyle changes like losing weight and drinking more water than you usually do. Additionally, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking.  
  2. Oral appliances -  Oral appliances are a great way to keep your airways open. It is a plastic device that helps in unblocking your congestion.
  3. Surgery - Your doctor may perform surgery to eradicate or reduce partial tissues in your throat to make your soft palate stiffer so that breathing becomes smooth while you sleep.

Request an appointment at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, MRC Nagar, Chennai.

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It is strictly recommended to consult with the expert in the General Surgery in Apollo Hospital MRC NAGAR whenever you face any snoring disorder or breathing issue while sleeping.



Is snoring a problem?

Generally, it is not a big issue for people who snore, but it disrupts your partner’s sleep. But it is better to go for proper treatment as it helps with relief from nasal congestion.

Why do we snore?

There may be various reasons like being overweight, Sleeping on your back, Sleeping with your mouth open, Smoking and alcohol consumption, Having a blocked nose.

How can I stop my snoring?

Treating nasal obstruction or using a nasal strip is a proven method to stop snoring.


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