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Trauma and Fracture Surgery

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Trauma and Fracture Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Arthro means ‘within a joint’ and scope is the term used to denote a surgical instrument to which a camera is attached. Therefore, arthroscopy is a process by which the inside of a joint is viewed for diagnosis and treatment for any orthopedic condition.

What is arthroscopic trauma and fracture surgery?

Trauma is the term used to denote injuries occuring due to road accidents, domestic injuries or any other high-speed impact on your body. Arthroscopy is usually used to diagnose and treat these trauma-related injuries and fractures.

What are the conditions managed by this procedure?

  • Bone fracture - Fractures in both upper and lower limbs 
  • Joint dislocation - Displacement of a bone from its original position in the joint due to a tear in the protective capsule or joint cushion
  • Muscle or tendon tears - Athletes vulnerable to these injuries during sporting activities
  • Removal of damaged tissues - After a long-standing injury known as debridement

When do you need to see a doctor?

If you have a fracture or trauma, consult the best Orthopedic doctor in Chennai immediately.

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How is the procedure conducted?

  • Your anesthetist will put you to sleep during the procedure to make it completely painless.
  • You will be placed on the operating table in a way that keeps the affected body part or the joint relaxed and well-supported.
  • Tiny cuts are made on your injured body part to insert the arthroscope that helps in inspecting the damaged structures.
  • The arthroscope is connected to a small monitor on which your orthopedic surgeon can see what is damaged inside.
  • On confirming the extent of damage, a few more cuts are made by your ortho doctor to push a few instruments inside that repair or reconstruct damaged tissues.
  • The cuts are stitched back in place and a protective bandage or plaster cast is applied depending on the type of injury you have.
  • A protective brace can also be given.

Post-surgery care

  • You will be advised to follow up with your ortho doctor after 2 weeks for stitch removal.
  • Protective brace is to be worn at all times at home and outside for the initial 2-4 weeks depending on the instructions given.
  • Your physiotherapist will advise certain exercises.


An arthroscopy for trauma and fracture is a useful way to help in early diagnosis of an injury that may prove to be life-saving and a vital stage in recovery.

I can’t walk properly after I fell in the bathroom. What should I do?

You must consult the best orthopedic doctor in Chennai who will advise you to undergo the appropriate arthroscopic procedure.

My wife is pregnant. She has been advised to have an arthroscopic evaluation of her fracture. Is it safe?

Yes. An arthroscopic evaluation is safe and can be performed after thorough assessment by a qualified doctor.


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