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Hand Reconstruction surgeries

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Hand Plastic Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Overview of Hand Reconstruction surgeries As a result of any trauma, your hand might have suffered an injury and there might be damage to your bones, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, or skin. Some people might be born with a deformity or have genetic defects in their hands. In all such cases, hand reconstruction surgeries can rectify the condition. A skilled plastic surgery specialist in Chennai can perform a hand reconstruction surgery.

What are Hand Reconstruction surgeries?

Hand reconstruction surgery is a collective term for different hand surgeries to restore the functions and appearance of your hand or fingers. This surgery treats diseases or injuries that impair the movement, strength, and flexibility of your wrist and fingers. Contact a plastic surgery specialist near you if you need reconstruction surgery on your hands.

Who qualifies for Hand Reconstruction surgeries?

Hand Reconstruction surgery can be performed on you based on the following criteria:

  1. No additional medical condition
  2. No illness that can affect healing
  3. Non-smoker 

Why are Hand Reconstruction surgeries conducted?

Hand reconstruction surgeries treat one of the following mentioned conditions:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome – This is caused due to pressure on the carpal tunnel (median nerve within the wrist) that leads to numbness of fingers, tingling sensation, and pain. It is associated with fluid retention during pregnancy or due to overuse of carpels.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis – It is an auto-immune disease that causes severe inflammation in the joints of your body. It can lead to deformation of the finger and can impair movement. 
  3. Dupuytren’s contracture – It is a disability of the hand caused by the formation of thick, scar-like tissue bands in the palm, extending to your fingers.
  4. Hand injury as a result of accident or burn
  5. Congenital disease or deformity in the hands
  6. Infection in the hands

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Different types of Hand Reconstruction surgeries

There are different types of hand reconstruction surgeries depending upon the type of injuries:

  1. Skin grafting – It replaces or attaches the skin to the part that is missing skin. It is preferred after fingertip amputations.
  2. Skin flap – This technique uses skin with its blood vessels, fats, and muscles. It helps in the treatment of skin with damaged blood vessels or tissues.
  3. Closed reduction and fixation – It realigns broken bones in the hands and immobilizes them with wires, rods, splints, and casts.
  4. Tendon repair – It helps to repair damaged tendons by grafting them from other parts of your body. 
  5. Nerve and blood vessel reconstruction – It sews the torn ends of the nerves and blood vessels of arms, hands, and fingers back together. Plastic surgeons perform using a low-powered microscope.
  6. Fasciotomy – It helps in the treatment of compartment syndrome. It reduces the pressure in the arms or hands that leads to swelling of muscle tissues and restoration of blood flow. 
  7. Surgical debridement – It helps to clean up the dead and contaminated tissues in your wound.
  8. Arthroplasty – It is a joint replacement surgery that treats damaged joints due to arthritis. 
  9. Replantation – It helps in the reattachment of hands, arms, and fingers using microsurgery. 

How are Hand reconstruction surgeries conducted?

Before the hand construction surgery, you will get local and general anesthesia for sedation. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision according to the type of surgery. Tendon is incised for tendon repair and to retract the original wound site. Carpal tunnel syndrome is treated through an incision made in the middle of the palm to decrease the pressure on the nerve causing the problem. A microscope or endoscope (a small flexible tube containing light and a lens) is used. The incisions are closed with stitches and removable or non-removable sutures.

After Hand reconstruction surgery

After the hand reconstruction surgeries, you need pain-relieving medications and hand therapy exercises. It restores strength, flexibility, and movement.


Hand reconstruction surgeries effectively treat a patient admitted for severe hand injuries. These surgeries restore the proper structure and functions of your hands. If your fingers are fused (syndactyly), this surgery helps to separate the fingers and improve movement.

Risks or complications related to Hand Reconstruction surgeries

Hand reconstruction surgery might have some risks associated with anesthesia. Other complications after the surgeries include:

  1. Infection
  2. Incomplete healing
  3. Loss of movement of hands or fingers
  4. Blood clotting 
  5. Pain, swelling, or bleeding
  6. Injury to blood vessels or nerves
  7. Poor healing leading to scarring


Hand reconstruction surgeries are essential to treat severe wounds and injuries, especially in the emergency room. Follow-up after the surgery is necessary to restore the normal functioning of the hands. Consult a plastic surgeon in Chennai if you need hand reconstruction surgery.





How long will it take to recover after hand reconstruction surgery?

You may take between a few weeks to a couple of months to recover. Recovery time depends upon the complexity of the surgery and your healing capacity.

How should I sleep after hand reconstruction surgery?

After the surgery, you must elevate your hand and arm above your heart for 3-4 days. You must sleep flat on your back with your hand resting on pillows.

What should I avoid doing after hand reconstruction surgery?

After hand reconstruction surgery, you must not bump your hand or lift anything while wearing a splint, cast, or bandages.


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