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ACL Reconstruction

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Best ACL Reconstruction Treatment in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Overview of ACL Reconstruction

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a surgery that helps in restoring the strength and stability of the knee when the ACL, which is a ligament, has been torn. In the surgery, the remaining broken ligament pieces are removed and are replaced with another ligament from your body or tissue from someone else’s body.

Our knee is a hinge joint where two bones meet. The femur, also known as the thigh bone, meets the tibia, also known as the shin bone. This joint is held together by four ligaments, namely,

  • Two Cruciate Ligaments
    • The ACL - Anterior cruciate ligament and
    • The PCL - Posterior cruciate ligament
  • Two Collateral Ligaments
    • The LCL - Lateral collateral ligament and
    • The MCL - Medial collateral ligament

Your ACL follows diagonally across the femur and the tibia. This ligament helps in keeping the tibia from moving in front of the femur. For further information, you should contact an Orthopaedic specialist near you.

How is ACL Reconstruction done?

After you are given the anesthetic, you will be fixed with an IV drip. Once the sample of the tissue is selected, it will be surgically removed from your body. If the sample tissue is not yours, it will be prepped from the cadaver. The tendon will be fitted with ‘bone plugs’ which will help in grafting the tendon in the knee.

When the surgery begins the surgeon will make a few small cuts and incisions in your knee. This helps the surgeon to see inside the joint. Then the arthroscope is inserted through one of the cuts and the doctor looks around the knee.

After the arthroscope is inserted, the surgeon will remove the broken ACL and then clean the area. The surgeon will then drill small holes in your femur and tibia so that the bone plug can be attached to the bones with the help of screws, staples, or posts.

When the ligament is attached, the surgeon will ensure that the graft is secure. They will also check that the knee can operate completely and move fine. The incision will then be stitched back together using stitches or staples and your knee will be stabilized with the help of a brace. You can search Orthopedic Hospital near you for more information about the surgery.

Who qualifies for ACL Reconstruction?

Anyone who has a torn ACL will be recommended ACL Reconstruction surgery. If you have extreme pain in your knee that does not go away even after a while, you should consult an Orthopedic doctor in Chennai.

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Why is ACL Reconstruction conducted?

ACL Surgery is usually recommended to you if:

  • You are an athlete who plays a sport that involves a lot of jumping, pivoting, or cutting
  • You have more than one ligament injured
  • The torn ACL is causing your knee to buckle while you do day-to-day activities
  • Your torn meniscus requires repair
  • You are young and have a weak ACL since knee stability is more important

Benefits of ACL Reconstruction

After the surgery, you will be given some pain medication. You will most likely experience some pain. You will not be allowed to do any strenuous activities for a while and be asked to use crutches. But soon, you will regain your range of motion.

You will be able to return to your normal schedule. Athletes can go back to playing their sports. ACL Reconstruction helps in reducing pain and the risk of future injuries. You should contact Orthopedic Doctors near you for more information.

Risks or Complications of ACL Reconstruction

There are several risks in getting an ACL Reconstruction surgery. But these complications or risks are minimal and ACL Reconstruction is a standard practice used while treating knee damage. Some common risks include:

  • Knee pain
  • Stiffness
  • The graft not healing properly
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Continued knee pain
  • Graft failure 
  • Infection
  • Loss of range of motion

Sometimes young children with ACL tears have a risk of growth plate injuries, which can result in shortened bones. If a young child has to get an ACL Reconstruction surgery, you should discuss it with your doctor and evaluate the risks. You might be suggested to wait for the surgery until the child is a little older and the growth plates have developed into solid bones.


ACL Reconstruction: Purpose, Procedure & Risks


How successful is an ACL Reconstruction?

According to the AAOS, 82 to 90 percent of the ACL Reconstruction surgeries are successful and give excellent results along with full knee stability.

How long is an ACL Reconstruction?

The surgery takes about 2 to 2.5 hours.

How long is the healing process for an ACL reconstruction?

It takes anywhere from two months to six months. Athletes can go back to practicing their sports in about 6 to 12 months.


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