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Wrist Arthroscopy

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Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery in MRC Nagar, Chennai

Arthroscopy, in simple terms, is an orthopedic surgery during which your orthopedic doctor will view the inside of a joint (arthro) through a small camera called a scope. It is carried out for multiple purposes by the best orthopedic surgeon in Chennai.

What is wrist arthroscopy?

When the wrist joint is evaluated through an arthroscopic procedure to diagnose and treat any injury or condition, it is referred to as wrist arthroscopy.

What causes wrist pain?

  • Wrist pain due to unspecified reason - wrist arthroscopy can detect the exact cause of wrist pain.
  • Wrist ganglion - A fluid-filled, sac-like tissue that grows out of your wrist can cause pain and discomfort during any hand movement.
  • Wrist bone fracture - Accidents may lead to fracture of one or many small bones in your wrist joint causing pain and swelling.
  • Triangular Tri Fibrocartilage Ligament Complex (TFCC) Injury - This can cause immense pain too.
  • Ligament injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When do you need to see a doctor?

If there is wrist pain with or without swelling that prevents you from carrying out your daily activities, you should visit an ortho doctor near you. On evaluation, he/she may advise you to undergo a wrist arthroscopy.

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How do you prepare for the surgery?

  • Your orthopedic doctor will prescribe pain-relieving medicines to help you feel comfortable.
  • You will be advised to stop certain medications like steroids or blood thinners.
  • Your doctor might also need to know if you suffer from diabetes and/or hypertension or thyroid problems. In such a case, thorough pre-surgery assessment for any risks during the surgery must be carried out.
  • A few exercises may also be advised by your physiotherapist to prevent hand stiffness.

How is wrist arthroscopy done?

  • Your anesthetist will put you to sleep during the procedure to make it painless.
  • You will be positioned on your back and the hand will be stretched out on a hand rest to keep the wrist joint relaxed and well supported.
  • Tiny incisions or cuts are made around your wrist joint to insert the arthroscope that helps to view the structures inside the wrist joint.
  • The arthroscope is connected to a small monitor on which your orthopedic surgeon can see what is damaged inside.
  • The tissues that are examined include ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves as well as bones.
  • On confirming the extent of damage, a few more cuts are made to help pass surgical tools that repair or reconstruct damaged tissues.
  • The cuts are stitched back and a bandage is applied.
  • The hand will then be placed in a wrist splint.

Open repair surgery: A wrist arthroscopic evaluation helps your orthopedic surgeon find the exact location of damage but when the damage is substantially large, it needs to be repaired with a larger incision or open repair.

Post surgery care

  • You will be instructed to follow up with your orthopedic doctor two weeks after your wrist surgery for stitch removal.
  • Wrist splint or brace is to be worn all day and night at home and outside for initial two to four weeks.
  • Your physiotherapist will make you do certain elbow, finger and shoulder exercises to prevent stiffness and also opt for icing to reduce your hand swelling.
  • You must regularly follow up with your  physiotherapist for complete rehabilitation.

What are the complications?

  • A very rare chance of excessive bleeding during the procedure
  • Damage to surrounding tissues which is usually minimized by monitoring on a screen
  • Wrist weakness and stiffness that can be rehabilitated with the help of the best physiotherapist in Chennai.


A wrist arthroscopy is a useful tool in diagnosing the source of your wrist pain and subsequently repairing it for a faster recovery.

When will I be able to restart my work?

You will be able to start typing, using your keypad, by the end of 4-6 weeks or after proper consent from your orthopedic doctor.

There is stiffness in the hand every morning. Is this normal?

Yes. Tissues in the area concerned become stiff due to an ongoing inflammatory process which usually lasts for 6-8 weeks post surgery. Your physiotherapist will guide you to proper wrist flexibility exercises.

When can I drive after my wrist surgery?

You will be able to drive 8-12 weeks post your wrist surgery or as per approval from your ortho doctor.


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